Flying Avocados

Flying Avocados is the foodie part of my blog!  Here you will find my personal restaurant reviews as well as some recipes that I have enjoyed.

But why “flying avocados” you may ask?  Well I literally have a tattoo of an angelic avocado on my left arm with “Est. 2013” right below it.  This tattoo, is my tribute tattoo, to my vegan lifestyle (and all the avocados that have died in the process).

I became a vegan back in May of 2013 and have never looked back.  I know I could never go back to the lifestyle that I had before this.  Everything about being vegan screams at me.  From helping the environment, to bettering my health and above all to saving the lives of thousands of animals by choosing not to use them for my own personal needs (most of which are unnecessary).

I have over a dozen tattoos on my body and each one means something very special to me.  After about a year of being a vegan I knew that I wanted a symbol that would show my solidarity to a vegan lifestyle, but I didn’t want just the classic V with a leaf that is familiar to most vegans.  So after some thought and an awesome sketch from a local tattoo artist (Randi at Steadfast Tattoo), my love of avocados and being vegan took shape.  I get a lot of questions about my tattoo and most people love it.  I like being able to talk about what it stands for.

I hope you enjoy this portion of my blog, and remember feed back is always welcome as well as sharing!


This was right after I got it so pardon my swollen looking arm!