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Priceless practice

This morning my Lifetime Run group had a change of pace (pun intended) and we went out for a long run instead of doing our Saturday speed work.  I was thrilled with this.  The temperatures here in Central Texas are finally starting to cool off and feel like fall; like perfect running weather.  We met up at Brushy Creek Regional trail before the sun had even come up and the temperature on my Garmin said it was a chilly 59 degrees!  There were about 10 of us that made it out this morning and after introductions, distance goals, and when the sun started to make its grand appearance, we were off.

It felt really good to be out there this morning.  I ran with one of my running/work out buddies the whole time and we pushed each other through an awesome 5 miles that neither of us thought we would survive in the beginning.  I love being able to run with someone else that has a similar pace to my own.  I feel like I push myself harder to keep moving when I am running with someone, instead of behind someone.  Lately I have been a “back of the pack-er” and honestly I still was this morning, but today it just felt different.  I didn’t hit my 2.5 mile wall, my body felt good, I still love my new shoes and the temperature…. oh man did I already mention how great it felt outside?  Well either way it was wonderful!

When I got a little past the 4 mile point I picked up my pace a little and started to feel like I could have gone an extra mile.  Afterwards I wasn’t overly tired or sore and really felt like myself again.  Even though my pace isn’t where it was this time last year, I can defiantly see where over time it will get better.  And right now I’m pretty happy with just running and not looking to “beat” something.  Improvement is great but just feeling like yourself again is priceless.

5 miles 59 degrees @ 7am

  • Overall time 50:23
  • Average pace 9:52
  • Splits 9:56, 9:50, 10:13, 9:53, 9:29
  • Average cadence 176






“Find a goal.”  “You are fit and healthy…”  “Don’t press the issue, it will come.”

These words spoken to me from my personal trainer and running coach yesterday after I texted him about being in a funk.  I was looking for support because I just haven’t felt like myself lately when it comes to fitness.  I’ve been feeling burnt out and tried.  I’m having the “OMG I’m going to get fat” thoughts as well.  I’m totally ready for summer to be over and I want to be running in the cool morning air again more than anything.  Everyday that we spend in 95 degree weather kills my soul a little more.  I feel like I have seasonal depression, but instead of it being in the cold, desolate, winter months it’s during the life zapping, heavy, summer months.  I’ve tried to combat it by going to the gym more, but this runner is ready to be outside again STAT!

I was contemplating signing up for the 3M Half Marathon that’s in January of 2017.  Seemed like a good enough goal to me; but is it a forced goal or something I really want to do?  I’m not too sure about that.  I wouldn’t have to start training for it until the end of October and by then the weather will be perfect.  I did my first half marathon back in February of this year and upon finishing it I said I would never do another one!  But that was the Austin Half Marathon; quite a different (hilly) beast.  3M is literally all down hill.  It is the half that everyone said I should have started with.  Should of, could have, would have. It would be nice though to have completed both of Austin’s biggest and most sought after half marathons.  Then I can be one of those people who tells others, “you should have run that one first”!

I’m feeling more and more compelled to register just writing this!  This is the excitement I am looking for.  This is the light that had burnt out back in the spring after I got injured and the days just kept getting hotter and hotter.  I do need a goal.  I do need to have something that I am working towards.  I get down on myself when I don’t feel a “purpose” for my fitness/running.  Maybe it’s time to fork over that $95 and hit the road once again!

$95 to run 13.1 miles…… I must be crazy……

So I texted my trainer again and told him I thought I might have a goal!  His response:

“‘Think’, ‘Might’.  Those to words equal I’m not sure.”

One thing is for sure, I can always count on him to be brutally honest!  I am confident in myself that I will get back in the game.  I will always be a runner.  Right now I am just a runner without a race; without a goal and in a slump.  Some runners go their entire lives without entering a single race.  Honestly, I do wish I could be that runner (think of the money I would save!?) but my personality doesn’t allow for it (damn goal orientated, type A people).  I do love running, but what keeps me going is seeing the finish line at the end of a goal.  I just need to find “my race” and commit to it and then live happily, ever after. 🙂

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Summer slumps

So far summer time has taken quit a bite out of my running.  I just cannot get myself into it.  I missed our interval group run yesterday (due to having to take a fur-baby to the vet).  Then we had a group, hill run, scheduled for this morning that I had to pass on as well.  My mileage just isn’t ready for 4 miles of horrible, humid, hills.  I have recently contemplated taking the summer off from running and pursuing more weight training.

I want to do weight training that is specifically for building more total body, lean muscle mass (I want abs damn it!).  The current training I do now is running focused.  Just enough to get the import muscles working with a bit of cardio mixed in.  I know that in order to really build muscle I would have to cut back on cardio.  You just really can’t do both.  I think I would be ok with that.  I just feel a little burnt out on running right now.  My injury set me back and the summer weather is not making it easy for me to make a come back.  I just think I need a break until fall.

Not sure how my trainer will take this news.  I was paired with him two years ago because of my interest in running and I have become like his “right hand man” ever since.  He bounces ideas for our group runs off of me and I help him to organize events that the group participates in.  I’m sure he would support my choice but I would also miss our group.  But I guess it’s not like I’m moving or anything.  Once the temps cool down again I know I will be ready to run again.  This is not the first time I have taken a break from running.  And I really don’t plan on stopping all together, but my weekly mileage probably would make it into double digits for a couple months.

Listen to me, it’s like I am trying to reason with myself.  Why do we do that?  Why is it so hard to just admit that you need a break from whatever it is that you are struggling with? It’s really not a big deal.  And there is nothing wrong with variety and change.  How I decide to workout is my own business.  I guess it’s the sense of “giving up” or “failing” that sits heavy on my shoulders.  I can be pretty stubborn and hard on myself when it comes to that.

Oh well.  July is right around the corner so maybe this is the best time to try something new!  To be continued…..

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Social run turned into social circuit

So it was still raining last night when our social run was to take place.  I actually walked over to the gym in my rain jacket and wore my Luna sandals to get through all the standing water.  I had my running shoes and socks in a sling bag on my back.  There was a steady rain as I walked the .6 of a mile over to the gym.  But earlier it was really coming down so there were some areas of standing water that were over 4 inches deep.

In away it was fun navigating my way over.  Times like this always make to think of the Appalachian Trail and how I will most likely spend part of my time hiking.  I just have to smile and laugh to myself because my half mile walk is nothing compared to hiking the AT.  I actually cut through a small, wooded area, on my walk over (or actually an over grown section of land that I’m not sure who owned).  It was a tunnel of green, with a narrow foot path and a mixture of rocks and mud.  I went that way to avoid the main road, where cars going 50mph would have sprayed me with water.  That small section of trail was really cool and made me feel excited.

After I made it into the gym and dried off and changed my footwear it was time to meet up with the group.  About 6 people showed up and we all knew that we wouldn’t be running outside tonight.  My coach had a circuit in mind for just such a day.  It would involve an Olympic row, Ski and 1 mile run on the treadmill.  We had an hour to rotate through each one.  I made it through the first round ok.  The mile run on the treadmill did me in though.  My leg did not enjoy the dynamics of running inside.  So when I got around to it for the second time, I had to switch it up with a 5k bike instead.  It was frustrating to have my leg hurt again, but I don’t think the treadmill is really good for anyone.  It feels nothing like running outside and I feel like I “pound” too much on it.  This morning my leg already felt better, so I am not going to push it until our run on Saturday.

The circuit was defiantly a heart pounder and my arms, shoulders, and well just about every part of me, felt it going into the second round.  I was pretty sore when I got home but after a good night’s sleep I feel pretty good this morning.  I am going to go to barbell strength class in a bit, but I am going to try to take it easy so not to over exert my body.  Luckily it is sunny out for the moment too!

One hour group circuit @6pm

Do as many as possible in an hour:

  • 1200m row
  • 800m ski
  • 1 mile run (or 5k on bike)
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Getting ready

Went out for my first run in a week today.  I’ve been out of town and haven’t run since last Tuesday.  I have a 5k race (The Tri Doc 5k) on Saturday and then a 10 mile race (Austin 10/20) on Sunday, so it was important to get some miles in today!

The weather was beautiful and my best running buddy knocked out the 5 miles with me!  I felt pretty good the whole time.  No pain anywhere.  Not sure if I am ready to go 10 miles, but I’m not looking for a PR either.  My training got off track because of the half marathon that got thrown into the mix back in February.  When I ran the 10/20 two years ago my time was 1:47:14.  If I can just get close to that, and hopefully not go over, I will be happy.  I know I am capable because one of my 10 mile training runs, I ran a 1:35:55.  I just plan on having fun and finishing this time around.

5 miles 68 degrees at 1:15pm at Brushy Creek Trail

  • Overall time 46:04
  • Average pace 9:12
  • Splits 9:24, 9:12, 9:14, 9:20, 8:46
  • Average cadence 178


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It’s Town Lake to you newbies!

First, I must be honest and say that I didn’t run at all on Thursday or Friday.  I planned on getting in a shorter run, just to keep my miles up but I have been fighting some hormonal issues that just weren’t going to have it.  So over those two days I did a lot of home PT and finally got in a couple nights of good sleep!

Saturday’s usually mean speed work in my running club.  We have a social distance run on Tuesday nights and we get some endurance in on Saturday mornings.  This morning was different.  A lot of us are training for the Austin 10/20 race on April 3rd.  This is a 10 mile race, nice and flat, and at every 5 miles there is a band playing live music, hence 10/20.  At the finish line there is a head liner band that everyone is welcome to enjoy.  This year I believe it is Fast Ball.  The race is still fairly new, this being it’s 5th year running.  I have done it every other year so far, so this will be number 3 for me.  My PR for this race has been 1:47:14 set in 2014.  I’m hoping for closer to 1:30:00 this year!


So Lifetime Run North decided to meet up with the South Lifetime Run group and do a distance run around beautiful Town Lake (to long time Austin residences) or Lady Bird Lake/Butler Trail (to the newbies).  Last night we had some storms come through and with them they brought a wonderful cold front.  It was a little windy but the temps were right around 50 degrees at 7am when we got started (much better in my opinion then the 90 degrees I ran in on Tuesday).  The Town Lake trail is a big oval an there are several bridges that cross over the lake at different points.  You can run as little as 3 miles and if you do the full loop, you can hit 10 miles.  We had about 20 people total and everyone spilt into groups based on how far they wanted to run.  The first group, was the biggest, and they headed out to do the full 10.  My group was next and we did 7 miles and then we had a couple doing 5 and couple doing 3 miles.


I was planning on only doing 5 miles when I left the house but some of the girls that are right around my same pace said they were doing the 7 miles and urged me to join them.  What can I say, runner’s peer pressure!  I felt really great for about the first 5-6 miles.  We didn’t have a head wind until about half way through.  And then, just like with he Austin Half Marathon, my knees started to act up!  UGH!  It wasn’t as terrible but a little disappointing.  Maybe the headwind threw my form off a little?  Who knows.  Just glad I finished and glad that I could reach 7 miles with less then 3 weeks to train left.

7 miles 52 degrees at 7am with Lifetime Run North and South Austin

  • Overall time 1:06:35
  • Average pace 9:29
  • Splits 9:36, 9:09, 8:59, 9:52, 9:46, 9:22, 9:18
  • Average cadence, right on, at 180!