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Starting all over again is going to be rough…..

Short and sweet and right to the point!  I started running again about a month ago.  This morning I did my first group strength workout in about 3 months.  Little by little I want to get back to where I was this time last year.  I want to see my pace be closer to the 9 minute mark then the 10 it currently is.  I know in order to do that I have to commit to the long runs, the speed work and the strength training I used to do.  My body feels great; no aches and pains and no injuries (knock on wood).  I literally have no excuses to not give it my all and become a better me then the summer me.  I have a half marathon in January and I want to PR and run it in 2 hours.  I know that is going to require work and determination on my end and I am ready.  Let’s do this!

One hour group workout @ 6am

Warm up 1000m row in 5 mins

First set x4

  • 12 kg kettle bell front squat holds for 30 sec (x4, x4, x3, x2)
  • Partner plank holds tapping opposite hands for a minute
  • Alternating dead bug for a minute

Second set x5

  • Front squat with barbell (35 lbs x1, 55 lbs x4)
  • Squat jumps x10

Third set x3

  • Single leg dead lift to a row, using cable machine set at 25 lbs both legs x12
  • Single leg tap down both legs x12

Forth set x3

  • Deadlifts with dumbbells ( 17.5 lbs x2, 20 lbs x1) x12
  • Push ups x12

Cool down foam rolling

3.8 mile run 88 degrees @ 6pm (from yesterday)

  • Overall time 38:35
  • Average pace 10:09
  • Splits 9:46, 10:00, 10:25, 10:28
  • Average cadence 176


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Back in the saddle

After a very busy week, that involved a lot of down time from the gym, I am official back at it.  It was easy and really hard all at once to take a break from my workouts.  It was easy because I had a lot going on last week and was just too tired or stressed to worry about going to workout.  On the other hand it was hard not to go because I was worried I was going to lose what I had worked on for a month already.  Well I’m happy to say that I didn’t lose anything and it felt good to be back.  I will admit it was a little hard to get out the door this morning, but once I started my workout I felt better.

If I hadn’t gone today I think my trainer would have come to my house and pulled me over to the gym.  He had been texting me all last week to see what my progress was and was very surprised to hear I hadn’t been working out.  I talked with him yesterday and reassured him that I would be back (and he knew I would).  My husband was also growing concerned.  It’s funny how whenever you decide to change something for yourself, everyone else becomes concerned and worried.  I guess that’s a good thing, but rest is a good thing too and it was way over due for me!

I am looking to change-up my workout schedule starting this month.  I will continue to have a “pull” day on Mondays and a “push” on Fridays.  For Tuesday, I plan on getting back into my running.  (My running buddy was so happy to hear this!)  For Wednesdays it’s back to barbell class and Thursday will be Yoga.  Saturdays will be open for either running, yoga or rest days and Sundays are 100% rest days.

It’s still super hot here in central Texas, but the cooler months are not that far off.  I have a relay run in mid-September (my leg is a little over 4 miles), so I thought now would be a good time to start hitting the pavement.  I even treated myself to a new pair of running shoes (more on those later)!  I’m sure it will be slow going at first, but once the temps cool off, I will be ready to start logging the miles.  And no matter what, I will always have a love for fitness!

1.5 hour solo workout @ 8:30am

Warm up 1000m row

First set x4

  • 18″ box jumps x10
  • Romanian dead lifts, with 85 lbs x5
  • Body weight squats x10

Second set x4

  • Glute bridge with barbell, with 65 lbs x15
  • Alternating lunges x10

Third set x4

  • Pull up holds for 30 secs
  • Lateral lunges with glide, each side x10

Forth set x4

  • Seated, low rows, with 55 lbs x10
  • Bicep curls with rope pull, with 10 lbs

Fifth set x4

  • Bent over row, with 40 lbs barbell x15
  • Single arm dumbbell row, with 22.5 lbs, each side x10
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Just a quickie

Today was one of those days when I wasn’t really sure when I would squeeze my workout in or if I should even try to squeeze it in.  The only time I had to do it was in the morning after I took my husband to work and before I had to head out to a class.  I hadn’t been to the gym since last Wednesday (partly because life got in the way and partly due to just needing some extra rest time) so I knew I had to get in a workout sometime soon.

Normally the workout below would have been in sets of 4 and most likely would have taken an hour and a half.  But a shorter workout, is better than no workout at all.  Even though I did shorten the amount of sets I did, I still made sure not to rush through the reps or skimp on the rest in-between.  Quality over quantity is so important with any workout or sport in my opinion.  Getting hurt sucks and being laid up is just not an option.

Actually my whole workout schedule will be changing up starting this month.  My trainer had to drop his Tuesday/Thursday group workouts, well because, I was the only one in the “group” that would show up.  Good for me, not so much for him.  So I will probably move my push/pull days to Monday and Friday.  I’m not sure if I am going to sign up for another month of one on one training either (due to cost), so I will probably go back to doing the Barbell class on Wednesday’s.  Then for Tuesday and Thursday’s I may start to slowly get back into my running.  I have a relay race in September, so at least this would give me time to get back some of what I lost.  The heat is still a factor here, so I’m not sure how much I will gain back.  I have been struggling to get past 3 miles when I have tried to run the past couple of times.  I know my running buddy is glad to hear this, but I warned her that I would be slow as hell at first!  Also, really want to get back to doing yoga once a week too (probably on Saturday mornings).  Overall though, I just like to mix things up and keep it interesting!

One hour, solo workout @ 6:15am

Warm up 1000m row

First set x2

  • Kettle bell swing with 20kg bell x15
  • Walking squat x10
  • Walking lunges x10

Second set

  • Squats with 85 lbs x12
  • Squats with 105 lbs x10
  • Squats with 105 lbs x10
  • Squats with 125 lbs x10

Third set x3

  • Split leg lunges with 20 lbs dumbbells (one leg on bunch), each leg x10
  • Bench press with 60 lbs x10

Forth set x3

  • Leg extensions with 80 labs x10
  • Bent over reverse flys with 8 lbs dumbbells x10
  • Tricep rope pull downs x10

Fifth set x3

  • Seated shoulder press with 17.5 lbs dumbbells x10
  • Tricep kick back with 10 lbs dumbbells x10
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Super-duper super sets

So super sets are, well, ….fun?  Fun might not be the right word, but they defiantly get your heart rate going while also getting in a great muscle-building workout.  Super sets basically consist of two different sets, done back to back, and then 2 mins rest.  At first your heart will be racing, but in time your body will adapt and they will become an exhilarating way to workout.

Since this was the first time I had done super sets, we didn’t get to everything that my trainer wanted me to do for my workout (and that was after an hour and a half).  He added about three exercises that he wanted me to incorporate next time I did this workout.  I imagine the next time I do this, my entire workout will be around 2 hours!

This workout was actually from Wednesday afternoon and I have opted to take a small break since then.  Well, actually life just kind of got in the way and I haven’t had the time to get over to the gym.  Mixed with a not-so-great night’s sleep last night, I probably won’t be going back to the gym until Monday.  Right now, even as I write this, all I wanna do is go lay down and not wake up until at least 7am tomorrow!  Seven may not seem too late to some people but that is “sleeping in” to me!  I’m usually up between 5-6am every morning.  Whether it be to take my husband to work or because my fur-babies want to eat, I don’t get to sleep in often.  So this weekend I am going to play catch up with my zzzz’s!

1.5 hour, one on one workout @2pm 

Warm up 1000m row and 200m walk on treadmill

First set x4

  • Back extension on stability ball (holding onto rack with hands, while lifting legs) x20
  • TRX crunches (hands on ground, feet in TRX) x20

Second set x4

  • Box jumps on 18 inch box x10
  • Set 1- Romanian dead lift with 85 lbs x10
  • Set 1- Body weight squats x10
  • Set 2- Glute bridge with 65 lbs barbell x15
  • Set 2-Alternating lunges x10

Third set x4

  • Set 3- Pull up holds for 30 secs
  • Set 3- Lateral lunge with foot glide, each leg x10
  • Lat pulls with 60 lbs x15 (did not do these today, but need to add to next workout)
  • Seated low rows with 55+ lbs x10 (did not do these today, but need to add to next workout)

Forth set x4

  • Bent over rows with 40 lbs barbell x10
  • Dumbbell rows on bench with 22.5 lbs, each arm x10
  • Bicep rope curls with 15 lbs x10 (did not do these today, but need to add to next workout)
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Good afternoon

Wow it has been a busy day!  I actually didn’t even get to the gym today until after 1:30pm, so this wasn’t exactly a “morning workout”.  I had something going on in the morning and when I got home from it I really didn’t feel like leaving again to go workout.  I am a morning person and have a hard time motivating myself to workout any later than 10am.  But I knew I would regret it if I didn’t get my workout in, so back out the door I went.

Coming in the afternoon wasn’t all that bad. The gym was pretty dead; too late for the lunch rush and too early for the after work workouts.  It was a little weird though because there was like a “bubble” in the main workout area.  Every time I moved around to another machine or area, the same, small group of people, did too.  I actually had to mix up the order of my workout a little because someone else had beat me to the machine I needed and that usually never happens.  Either way I got everything done and felt great afterwards!

I am a little behind on my posts from last week.  I did have my RMA test done and plan on sharing those results within the next day or two.  As well as the workout from that day and my yoga practice from the weekend!  And tomorrow is my first run in almost 2 months.  It is Try It Tuesday and the Running Club is hosting the group workout with a morning 5k.  I asked my trainer if he thought it would be ok to run it and he said yes and is looking forward to my help with the “newbies” in the group.  I am curious to see how I do.  Serious strength training/conditioning and cardio don’t usually go hand in hand (its harder to be light and fast, when you are getting “bulkier” and heavy) but maybe I will surprise myself!

1.5 hour, solo workout @ 1:30pm

Warm up 1000m row

First set x2

  • 10 walking squats
  • 10 walking lunges
  • 10 inch worms
  • 20kg kettle bell swings x15 (this set was x4)

Second set

  • Squats 85 lbs x12
  • Squats 105 lbs x10
  • Squats 125 lbs x10
  • Squats 125 lbs x10
  • Squats 125 lbs x10
  • Squats 125 lbs x10

Third set x4

  • Split leg lunges with 20 lbs dumbbells (one leg on bench), each leg x10
  • Bench press 65 lbs x8, 60 lbs x10, 60 lbs x10, 65 lbs x8

Forth set x4

  • Incline 20 lbs dumbbell chest press x10
  • Leg extensions set at 80 lbs x10

Fifth set x4

  • Seated shoulder press with 15 lbs dumbbells x10
  • Reverse tricep flies with 10 lbs dumbbells x10
  • Tricep extensions, rope pull downs x10
  • Tricep kickbacks with 10 lbs dumbbells x10
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One hell of a workout

My trainer did not fail to impress me this morning.  Today’s workout was really taking it up a notch.  Mixed some of the old, with a little bit of new, and added weight all around.  I had told my trainer at the beginning of the week, that I wasn’t feeling as sore lately after my workouts.  I guess he took those as “fightin’ words” because I defiantly feel sore today!

At the end of the week I am having my Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) tested.  By knowing what this number is I will know how many calories my body burns when I am not doing anything and then I will be able to judge how I need to refuel on workout and non-workout days.

I’m a little skeptical of the test.  I’m sure it will be wonderful information to have, but having a vegan diet I think throws some of that stuff off.  Not necessarily the calories I burn, or how I burn them, but I get my nutrients from plant based items rather then meat and dairy.  I feel like so many of these metabolic tests, or any medical tests really, are based off of the Standard American Diet (SAD).  None the less it should be interesting.  I will report back here when I have my numbers and learn what I need to do with them going forward.

1.5 hour, one on one workout @8am

Warm up .6 mile walk and 1000m easy row

First set x2

  • 20 kg kettle bell swing x15
  • Walking squats x12
  • Walking lunges x12

Second set

  • Squats 85lbs x12
  • Squats 105 lbs x10
  • Squats 125 lbs x10
  • Squats 125 lbs x10
  • Squats 125 lbs x10
  • Squats 125 lbs x10

Third set x4

  • Split lunges, set of 20 lbs dumbbells (one leg on bench), each side x10
  • Benchpress 65 lbls x8, 60 lbs x10, 60 lbs x10, 65 lbs x10

Forth set x4

  • Incline dumbbell chest press 20 lbs x10
  • Leg extensions 80 lbs x10

Fifth set x4

  • Seated shoulder press with 10-15 lbs x8
  • Reverse flies with 8 lbs dumbbells x10
  • Tricep extensions, with rope 17.5 lbs x10
  • Tricep kick backs 8-10 lbs dumbbells, each arm x10

Cool down .6 mile walk home


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Who’s watching who?

There are a lot of interesting characters at the gym at any given time.  I like to go early in the morning because it seems to be a little quieter.  From young and old, to just starting out as well as reaching their goals.  And we all know we are watching each other.  I don’t mean that anyone is sitting in the corner being a creeper, but it is human nature to look around at one’s surrounding especially when you are sharing an area with others.

This morning I got the pleasure of having someone working out next to me for a lot of my sets.  This man was clearly doing his own thing, but his own thing just happened to be in my space as well.  I have seen him before but never had the “pleasure” of working out next to him. He seemed somewhat rushed and oh the sounds that were coming out of him!  They were a mixture of a motorboat and a bad bowl movement with other various sounds mixed in!  It was a little strange being so close to him and it was hard at times not to laugh.  I admit that I have my own mixture of grunts and heavy breathing sounds, but I try to keep them on the down-low.  This person had no shame and was just letting it all ring out!

Then there were the two teenage boys that were trying to man themselves up by lifting probably more than they should have and cussing a lot more than their mothers would have approved of.  They were soon distracted by the two teenaged girls that walked by.  The girls were more interested in their smartphones and looking like they were going to work out then they were actually in working out.  I watched the boys, as they watched the girls walk by and then whispered between themselves.  Within minutes the boys very smoothly, relocated and set up camp next to the two girls.

Lastly there was the older gentleman that came onto the floor wearing flip-flops and walking with a cane.  He sat himself down on the seated rower and started to pump as much iron as his aging arms would allow.  I thought to myself “good for him”!  Even though his form wasn’t the best, at least he was getting in the gym and doing something that most people his age don’t even think about doing.  There was another, somewhat “younger” older gentleman and he was making sure to say hello to all the pretty, sweaty, tanned 40 something year old women that walked by him in between his sets.  Again, good for him because there is nothing wrong with a little eye candy no matter what age you are!

All and all, everyone in the gym this morning was there because they made a choice to do something good with their morning.  Some may have gotten in a better workout than others but any workout out is better than none at all.  It was fun having these people to hang out with this morning and I hope I did something intresting to amuse them as well!

1.5 hour solo workout @7:30am

Warm up 10mins on stair stepper @ level 7

First set (1-2 minute rest in between sets) x3

  • Front squats with 10 sec hold, with 16kg kettle bell x10
  • Kettle bell swing with 16kg kettle bell x10

Second set (1-2 minutes rest in between sets)

  • Dead lifts with 105 lbs x10
  • Dead lifts with 125 lbs x5
  • Dead lifts with 125 lbs x5
  • Dead lifts with 125 lbs x5
  • Leg press 8 reps at 270 lbs x4

Third set (1-2 minutes rest in between sets) x4

  • Pull up with 55 lbs asst. x8
  • Alternating seated single arm row, set at 6o lbs x10
  • Low row on Life Fitness machine, set at 55 lbs x10
  • Dumbbell rows 20 lbs, each arm x10

Forth set (1-2 minutes rest between sets) x4

  • Rope bicep curls, set at 15 lbs x10
  • Shoulder raises, with 7 lbs dumbbells x10