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A whole lot of running going on

I’ve been busy and I’ve been running.  Even though the weather isn’t quite yet where I would like it to be, I have given in and started getting in more and more miles each week.  I will be going on another run tonight with the Lifetime Fitness group (third run in 4 days).  And my best running buddy has been pushing me even though I gripe about it to her, I’m glad she is!  I mean honestly if she calls and wants to go for a run, well then I’m going to go for a run!

I’ve been feeling good hitting the pavement again.  Knock on wood, my body has been feeling pretty good too!  I have been doing a 28 day plank challenge with a group of other people and I think the extra core work has been a big game changer.  Core work is so important for running.  If you are weak there, your whole body can get thrown off track.  I’ve also been doing yoga at least twice a week (more core work).  Physically and mentally I’ve felt better from it.  Some of my best runs are after I do yoga!  On Thursday mornings I do hot vinyasa yoga at 5:30am and then head out for a run afterwards.  Those runs always feel the best.  I’m all warmed up and stretched out with my core active!

I also recently volunteered at a race with the Lifetime Run group.  It was about time that we gave back to the sport we enjoy so much.  There will be more about that soon in a different post!  And with the same group I am running a relay race this weekend.  We have 6 teams total and it should be a lot of fun!  I’m glad to be busy again.  It helps to keep me feeling normal!  And running has always been the best kind of medicine for anything!

Tri Doc fun run with Rouge Running 3.1 miles 75 degree @ 7am

  • Overall time 31:06
  • Average pace 10:01
  • Splits 10:30, 9:58, 9:41
  • Average cadence 178


Brushy Creek 5 miles 81 degrees @ 9:40am

  • Overall time 51:25
  • Average pace 10:17
  • Splits 9:48, 9:46, 10:40, 10:29, 10:35
  • Average cadence 172



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