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Thursday I went and did hot vinyasa yoga at 5:30am and then went for a 3 mile run afterwards.  Even at 7am it was still warm and muggy but running after doing yoga feels great and I really need to get my miles up (and my pace down) over the next couple of months.  Friday I went and did a Yin yoga class at 11:15am. Yin yoga is very restorative and meditative practice.  In Yin you start with a 5 minute mediation and then hold a range of poses for about 5 mins each and finish with final relaxation in savasana (or corpse pose).  Many of the poses are deep stretches that you “melt” into during the 5 mins you spend in them.  Being connected with your breath and how your body feels is very important.  You don’t want to get to the most extreme version of any pose too quickly because you will have to hold it for some time.  Slowly and mindfully is the best way to go.

It is a great class to get in after doing a lot of more strenuous activities throughout the week.  Like almost every yoga class I have been too, you end in savasana.  Savasana is said to be one of the hardest poses to connect with.  You literally are supposed to lay on your back with your hands at your side with palms up and your legs out with feet flopping open.  And then you just lay there.  You slow your breathing back to normal and you focus on not being focused on anything at all.  The key is to not think about anything or acknowledge anything.  If you have an itch?  Leave it.  You remember that you have an appointment later on?  Forget it.  Just be still and just be.

Normally I look forward to final relaxation.  I can almost fall asleep in savasana; but not this time.  This time I am twitchy and my leg is bothering me.  I have a very hard time not focusing on it.  Trying not to move but it feels like little jolts of electricity are streaming down my right leg.  It’s driving me nuts!  One, it is very physically uncomfortable when you want to move but shouldn’t and two, it’s very mentally uncomfortable when you want to move but shouldn’t!  It makes my whole practice feel like a waste and at the same time it makes me realize that something must be off in myself.  Your body speaks to you, if you listen.

I don’t feel like I have been stressed necessarily but I also haven’t felt like myself in a while.  Sometimes I think I know what the issue is, and sometimes I have no idea.  I can get very little sleep and of course be tired the next day.  Or I can get too much sleep and yet again feel tired the next day.  I don’t like to sound like a sad sap or Debbie Downer on my blog, but I wish I could figure out what the hell my issue is?!  I’m sure there are other’s of you that feel the same way.  Those who are looking for some type of answer so that you can then take the next step and try to fix whatever is wrong.  Sometimes I feel like I just need to step back, do what is good for me at the time (even if it doesn’t seem to make sense), and wait for the universe to tell me what I really need.  Not to over think every little thing to death and just breath.  Not to have fear; but wonder instead what is next for me?

I can’t wait until the day that I am writing to all of you about how my last half marathon went or how in a year I have discovered so many new things about myself.  But for right now, I just have to be human with you and share my very human experiences, even if they aren’t the most exciting and at times a little sad or anxious.  There has to be balance to everything in the world.  I know I haven’t lost my balance, I’m just on the other side of the scale right now.  Namaste´.

Almost forgot that I ran! 

3.1 miles 79 degrees @ 7am

  • Overall time 32:08
  • Average pace 10:22
  • Splits 10:24, 10:43, 10:06
  • Average cadence 172



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