Running, Vegan

3.3 miles and 3M

I went out for a run last Tuesday morning with my best running buddy and our friend and her house guest that was visiting from England.  We were quit the group!  My running buddy just got back two days prior from running three legs in the Hood to Coast relay in Portland, OR.  Our friend hadn’t really run at all in a couple of months and her guest wasn’t used to the Texas morning warmth and humidity.  And to top all that off we went on a hilly route.  The hills were little, but even little hills, can be a big pain.

After our run, I told my running buddy about how our coach said I needed a goal.  Then I told her what my goal was (to run the 3M Half Marathon) and then I persuaded her and our friend to also sign up for 3M as well!  I’d say it was a win all around.

I am actually really excited about having a big goal to shoot for.  I plan on running 3M faster than I did my first half marathon (time for my first was 2:17:11).  I think a goal of 2 hours flat is a realistic one for this, mostly, downhill course.  Training won’t need to start until the end of October, but I am already looking forward to getting more and more miles under my belt.  And I am even more excited to be doing it with a great group of friends.

3.3 mile run 75 degrees @ 8am

  • Total distance 3.33 miles
  • Average pace 10:01
  • Splits 10:12, 9:51, 9:57, 9:27
  • Average cadence 176

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 2.35.15 PM


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