“Find a goal.”  “You are fit and healthy…”  “Don’t press the issue, it will come.”

These words spoken to me from my personal trainer and running coach yesterday after I texted him about being in a funk.  I was looking for support because I just haven’t felt like myself lately when it comes to fitness.  I’ve been feeling burnt out and tried.  I’m having the “OMG I’m going to get fat” thoughts as well.  I’m totally ready for summer to be over and I want to be running in the cool morning air again more than anything.  Everyday that we spend in 95 degree weather kills my soul a little more.  I feel like I have seasonal depression, but instead of it being in the cold, desolate, winter months it’s during the life zapping, heavy, summer months.  I’ve tried to combat it by going to the gym more, but this runner is ready to be outside again STAT!

I was contemplating signing up for the 3M Half Marathon that’s in January of 2017.  Seemed like a good enough goal to me; but is it a forced goal or something I really want to do?  I’m not too sure about that.  I wouldn’t have to start training for it until the end of October and by then the weather will be perfect.  I did my first half marathon back in February of this year and upon finishing it I said I would never do another one!  But that was the Austin Half Marathon; quite a different (hilly) beast.  3M is literally all down hill.  It is the half that everyone said I should have started with.  Should of, could have, would have. It would be nice though to have completed both of Austin’s biggest and most sought after half marathons.  Then I can be one of those people who tells others, “you should have run that one first”!

I’m feeling more and more compelled to register just writing this!  This is the excitement I am looking for.  This is the light that had burnt out back in the spring after I got injured and the days just kept getting hotter and hotter.  I do need a goal.  I do need to have something that I am working towards.  I get down on myself when I don’t feel a “purpose” for my fitness/running.  Maybe it’s time to fork over that $95 and hit the road once again!

$95 to run 13.1 miles…… I must be crazy……

So I texted my trainer again and told him I thought I might have a goal!  His response:

“‘Think’, ‘Might’.  Those to words equal I’m not sure.”

One thing is for sure, I can always count on him to be brutally honest!  I am confident in myself that I will get back in the game.  I will always be a runner.  Right now I am just a runner without a race; without a goal and in a slump.  Some runners go their entire lives without entering a single race.  Honestly, I do wish I could be that runner (think of the money I would save!?) but my personality doesn’t allow for it (damn goal orientated, type A people).  I do love running, but what keeps me going is seeing the finish line at the end of a goal.  I just need to find “my race” and commit to it and then live happily, ever after. 🙂


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