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Un Amico Italiano* Eat, Pray, Love in Rome

Un Amico Italiano (An Italian Friend) Eat, Pray Love in Rome By Luca Spaghetti

  • Memoir
  • © 2010
  • 238 pages
  • Personal Rating: 4/5 stars

“Luca Spaghetti is not only one of my favorite people in the world, but also a natural-born storyteller.” says Elizabeth Gilbert and she couldn’t be more right.

As Luca Spaghetti introduces the book and promises to his readers that he is actually a “real person” with the real surname of Spaghetti, he makes me hungry all at once.  I’m sure that’s not something he is proud of per say, but I had no idea there were so many different types of noodles!  And having the last name Spaghetti as a child makes me realize that some people have it worse than you.  (Even though I heard “Dennis the Menise” (my last name is Dennis) growing up, I cannot even imagine having a name after a tiny, thin, noodle, living in the capital of Italy!)  Kids can be so mean and things that happen in childhood can seem to haunt you through adulthood if you let them.

This book was split into three parts.  In part one, Luca tells the reader all about himself and growing up in Rome.  From his love of soccer and music, to describing the beauty and history behind Rome like only a Romain could do; he paints a picture of himself from age 7 through his 20’s.  Then in part two he tells about his travels to America and his coast to coast, Jack Keroruc style, pilgrimage.  Along the way finding a new love for American fast food and soaking in as much classic rock and country music that he can find on the radio.  And in the third part, Luca is back in Rome and this time he is the tour guide for the lovely Elizabeth Gilbert.  At first he is wondering how he ever agreed to show around a blonde, American, female, writer but over time he discovers that Liz is like no one he as ever met before and a wonderful, deep friendship is formed.

Luca makes his readers want to come and visit, or even revisit, Rome within the first couple chapters.  He tells about “secret places” that he likes to share with his friends from other countries that even some Roman’s are not familiar with.  I had to google a couple of them, such as the Piazza di Trevi and The Church of Sant’Ignazio di Loyola.  And I would love to have the chance to take a photograph “peaking through” the keyhole at the Piazza dei Cavalieri di Malta (don’t worry, it’s nothing dirty)!  Plus if you are a lover of Liz’s book, (which was my number one reason for reading this book) then it will be a great reminder of what made her trip to Rome so special.  I really enjoyed it and it was nice “behind the scenes” look into such an important character from Eat, Pray, Love.



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