Restaurant, Vegan

Tacos and Tequila Brunch

Tacos and Tequila (or TnT) is a Southwest style scratch restaurant/bar, located off of 5th and Pressler street in downtown Austin.  The atmosphere is very Austin; laid back, open dinning area with a full bar and patio area.  TnT has a full menu during the week featuring street tacos, burritos, wraps and an extensive Tequila menu.  On Saturday and Sunday mid-morning (10-3pm) they offer an all you can eat brunch.  The brunch is $22 a person and includes two mimosas (original, pineapple, or pomegranate). While this is not to be considered a vegan restaurant, it is very vegan friendly.

The service was amazing for this buffet style brunch.  The staff was very knowledgeable about how their foods were prepared and were extremely accommodating.  There honestly were not a lot of vegan choices right on the buffet, but our awesome waitress made sure to go over everything with me and also spoke with her manager to see how they could accommodate me.  The manager personally came to our table and informed me that she had asked the chef to make me a couple veggie skewers as well as some black beans without the cheese.   They also told me that they would only charge me for a child’s portion since I would not be having the full buffet, and with that, even extended the two free mimosas as well (normally the buffet is $22 a person but mine came to only $7)!


I had the Pineapple mimosa, veggie skewers, black beans, sweet corn cakes, mixed fruit, guacamole with pico on flour tortillas with chipotle salsa. There were also vegan waffles and some other sides like cucumber salad that were available but I did not try. (I was literally too full after several tacos and sweet corn cakes!)

We had taken a friend there for his birthday because that was where he wanted to go.  It wound up being a good place for both vegans and omnivores to eat.  I didn’t leave hungry and the mimosas were a nice touch.  I’m glad that the restaurant was so accommodating to my needs and only charged me the $7 child’s buffet price.  (It was worth it for that, but it would have been on the expensive side if it had been full priced.)  My omni husband and his friend loved the full buffet and for what they offered, was well worth the price.  I would recommend this buffet to any mixed group that wants to have a great brunch in the middle of downtown Austin!



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