Running, Vegan

Saturday morning run

This morning was my Run Club’s monthly run, that is held downtown with the South group.  We all meet up and run around beautiful Town Lake (or actually Lady Bird Lake), in the heart of the city at 7am.  This running trail offers distances from 3-10 miles with great views that are sure to take your mind off the warm and humid air that is all around you.  Or at least you think it would.  I did….. but I was wrong!

I was really glad to get out and run at the trail this morning with my favorite running buddy and friend.  In my heart, I am totally ready to get back into my running just in time for fall, but my lungs are still trying to wake up from their summer slumber.  It was already a really warm morning in the 80s and it had rained about an hour or so before we got there, so the air was thick and sticky!  Plus we arrived at the meeting spot about 5 minutes too late, so our group had already left without us.  Never the less we were going to get our run on!

Our run started out ok, but after about the first 1.5 miles or so my pace started to suffer and I had to take little walk breaks here and there.  Did I mention I have the most wonderful running partner ever?  She is currently in training for a massive relay style race called Hood to Coast in Portland, OR but she still took the time to circle back to me when she realized she had gotten too far ahead.  We have an understanding that when we are actually racing we don’t wait for each other.  So if you have the feeling that you need to step it up and go, then you go!  But since this was just a social/practice run she told me it didn’t matter to her what I could or couldn’t do, she was just happy we could run together this morning.   (Thanks Aubrey, you’re the best!)

Even though the weather is still greatly affecting my pace, I am very ready to run again.  When I got home I registered for the Thundercloud Subs Turkey Trot.  This is a 5 mile run that has been held every Thanksgiving morning for the past 26 years.  This will be my 7th year running it.  It is just my husband and I every year for Thanksgiving so this has become a tradition for me.  Plus it’s nice to know that I have already burned 500-600 calories before all the eating commences!

3.1 mile run 81 degrees @ 7:10am

  • Overall time 33:18
  • Average pace 10:44
  • Splits 9:48, 10:43, 11:37
  • Average cadence 166 (low because I had to walk several times)

Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 1.15.37 PM.jpg


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