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Back in the saddle

After a very busy week, that involved a lot of down time from the gym, I am official back at it.  It was easy and really hard all at once to take a break from my workouts.  It was easy because I had a lot going on last week and was just too tired or stressed to worry about going to workout.  On the other hand it was hard not to go because I was worried I was going to lose what I had worked on for a month already.  Well I’m happy to say that I didn’t lose anything and it felt good to be back.  I will admit it was a little hard to get out the door this morning, but once I started my workout I felt better.

If I hadn’t gone today I think my trainer would have come to my house and pulled me over to the gym.  He had been texting me all last week to see what my progress was and was very surprised to hear I hadn’t been working out.  I talked with him yesterday and reassured him that I would be back (and he knew I would).  My husband was also growing concerned.  It’s funny how whenever you decide to change something for yourself, everyone else becomes concerned and worried.  I guess that’s a good thing, but rest is a good thing too and it was way over due for me!

I am looking to change-up my workout schedule starting this month.  I will continue to have a “pull” day on Mondays and a “push” on Fridays.  For Tuesday, I plan on getting back into my running.  (My running buddy was so happy to hear this!)  For Wednesdays it’s back to barbell class and Thursday will be Yoga.  Saturdays will be open for either running, yoga or rest days and Sundays are 100% rest days.

It’s still super hot here in central Texas, but the cooler months are not that far off.  I have a relay run in mid-September (my leg is a little over 4 miles), so I thought now would be a good time to start hitting the pavement.  I even treated myself to a new pair of running shoes (more on those later)!  I’m sure it will be slow going at first, but once the temps cool off, I will be ready to start logging the miles.  And no matter what, I will always have a love for fitness!

1.5 hour solo workout @ 8:30am

Warm up 1000m row

First set x4

  • 18″ box jumps x10
  • Romanian dead lifts, with 85 lbs x5
  • Body weight squats x10

Second set x4

  • Glute bridge with barbell, with 65 lbs x15
  • Alternating lunges x10

Third set x4

  • Pull up holds for 30 secs
  • Lateral lunges with glide, each side x10

Forth set x4

  • Seated, low rows, with 55 lbs x10
  • Bicep curls with rope pull, with 10 lbs

Fifth set x4

  • Bent over row, with 40 lbs barbell x15
  • Single arm dumbbell row, with 22.5 lbs, each side x10

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