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Today was one of those days when I wasn’t really sure when I would squeeze my workout in or if I should even try to squeeze it in.  The only time I had to do it was in the morning after I took my husband to work and before I had to head out to a class.  I hadn’t been to the gym since last Wednesday (partly because life got in the way and partly due to just needing some extra rest time) so I knew I had to get in a workout sometime soon.

Normally the workout below would have been in sets of 4 and most likely would have taken an hour and a half.  But a shorter workout, is better than no workout at all.  Even though I did shorten the amount of sets I did, I still made sure not to rush through the reps or skimp on the rest in-between.  Quality over quantity is so important with any workout or sport in my opinion.  Getting hurt sucks and being laid up is just not an option.

Actually my whole workout schedule will be changing up starting this month.  My trainer had to drop his Tuesday/Thursday group workouts, well because, I was the only one in the “group” that would show up.  Good for me, not so much for him.  So I will probably move my push/pull days to Monday and Friday.  I’m not sure if I am going to sign up for another month of one on one training either (due to cost), so I will probably go back to doing the Barbell class on Wednesday’s.  Then for Tuesday and Thursday’s I may start to slowly get back into my running.  I have a relay race in September, so at least this would give me time to get back some of what I lost.  The heat is still a factor here, so I’m not sure how much I will gain back.  I have been struggling to get past 3 miles when I have tried to run the past couple of times.  I know my running buddy is glad to hear this, but I warned her that I would be slow as hell at first!  Also, really want to get back to doing yoga once a week too (probably on Saturday mornings).  Overall though, I just like to mix things up and keep it interesting!

One hour, solo workout @ 6:15am

Warm up 1000m row

First set x2

  • Kettle bell swing with 20kg bell x15
  • Walking squat x10
  • Walking lunges x10

Second set

  • Squats with 85 lbs x12
  • Squats with 105 lbs x10
  • Squats with 105 lbs x10
  • Squats with 125 lbs x10

Third set x3

  • Split leg lunges with 20 lbs dumbbells (one leg on bunch), each leg x10
  • Bench press with 60 lbs x10

Forth set x3

  • Leg extensions with 80 labs x10
  • Bent over reverse flys with 8 lbs dumbbells x10
  • Tricep rope pull downs x10

Fifth set x3

  • Seated shoulder press with 17.5 lbs dumbbells x10
  • Tricep kick back with 10 lbs dumbbells x10

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