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Super-duper super sets

So super sets are, well, ….fun?  Fun might not be the right word, but they defiantly get your heart rate going while also getting in a great muscle-building workout.  Super sets basically consist of two different sets, done back to back, and then 2 mins rest.  At first your heart will be racing, but in time your body will adapt and they will become an exhilarating way to workout.

Since this was the first time I had done super sets, we didn’t get to everything that my trainer wanted me to do for my workout (and that was after an hour and a half).  He added about three exercises that he wanted me to incorporate next time I did this workout.  I imagine the next time I do this, my entire workout will be around 2 hours!

This workout was actually from Wednesday afternoon and I have opted to take a small break since then.  Well, actually life just kind of got in the way and I haven’t had the time to get over to the gym.  Mixed with a not-so-great night’s sleep last night, I probably won’t be going back to the gym until Monday.  Right now, even as I write this, all I wanna do is go lay down and not wake up until at least 7am tomorrow!  Seven may not seem too late to some people but that is “sleeping in” to me!  I’m usually up between 5-6am every morning.  Whether it be to take my husband to work or because my fur-babies want to eat, I don’t get to sleep in often.  So this weekend I am going to play catch up with my zzzz’s!

1.5 hour, one on one workout @2pm 

Warm up 1000m row and 200m walk on treadmill

First set x4

  • Back extension on stability ball (holding onto rack with hands, while lifting legs) x20
  • TRX crunches (hands on ground, feet in TRX) x20

Second set x4

  • Box jumps on 18 inch box x10
  • Set 1- Romanian dead lift with 85 lbs x10
  • Set 1- Body weight squats x10
  • Set 2- Glute bridge with 65 lbs barbell x15
  • Set 2-Alternating lunges x10

Third set x4

  • Set 3- Pull up holds for 30 secs
  • Set 3- Lateral lunge with foot glide, each leg x10
  • Lat pulls with 60 lbs x15 (did not do these today, but need to add to next workout)
  • Seated low rows with 55+ lbs x10 (did not do these today, but need to add to next workout)

Forth set x4

  • Bent over rows with 40 lbs barbell x10
  • Dumbbell rows on bench with 22.5 lbs, each arm x10
  • Bicep rope curls with 15 lbs x10 (did not do these today, but need to add to next workout)

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