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One hell of a workout

My trainer did not fail to impress me this morning.  Today’s workout was really taking it up a notch.  Mixed some of the old, with a little bit of new, and added weight all around.  I had told my trainer at the beginning of the week, that I wasn’t feeling as sore lately after my workouts.  I guess he took those as “fightin’ words” because I defiantly feel sore today!

At the end of the week I am having my Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) tested.  By knowing what this number is I will know how many calories my body burns when I am not doing anything and then I will be able to judge how I need to refuel on workout and non-workout days.

I’m a little skeptical of the test.  I’m sure it will be wonderful information to have, but having a vegan diet I think throws some of that stuff off.  Not necessarily the calories I burn, or how I burn them, but I get my nutrients from plant based items rather then meat and dairy.  I feel like so many of these metabolic tests, or any medical tests really, are based off of the Standard American Diet (SAD).  None the less it should be interesting.  I will report back here when I have my numbers and learn what I need to do with them going forward.

1.5 hour, one on one workout @8am

Warm up .6 mile walk and 1000m easy row

First set x2

  • 20 kg kettle bell swing x15
  • Walking squats x12
  • Walking lunges x12

Second set

  • Squats 85lbs x12
  • Squats 105 lbs x10
  • Squats 125 lbs x10
  • Squats 125 lbs x10
  • Squats 125 lbs x10
  • Squats 125 lbs x10

Third set x4

  • Split lunges, set of 20 lbs dumbbells (one leg on bench), each side x10
  • Benchpress 65 lbls x8, 60 lbs x10, 60 lbs x10, 65 lbs x10

Forth set x4

  • Incline dumbbell chest press 20 lbs x10
  • Leg extensions 80 lbs x10

Fifth set x4

  • Seated shoulder press with 10-15 lbs x8
  • Reverse flies with 8 lbs dumbbells x10
  • Tricep extensions, with rope 17.5 lbs x10
  • Tricep kick backs 8-10 lbs dumbbells, each arm x10

Cool down .6 mile walk home



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