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Cardio, so we meet again….

Tuesday morning workout’s usually mean running group, strength training; but there was no group this morning, only me.  Normally when it is only me, we focus more on strength training, but today my trainer decided to throw in some cardio just so I wouldn’t forget what it felt like!  I haven’t really done a lot of cardio in about a month now.  I get in a little here and there, in my warm ups, but nothing that really gets my heart pounding out of my chest.  Today’s workout was a nice wake up call for my heart and lungs!

Cardio training involves less rest time between sets, lower weight, and higher reps.  The TRX circuit we did was very difficult to say the least.  The day is not even over and I can already feel it’s effects on my body!  I also did the fastest 1000m row I have done to date!  I actually really enjoyed mixing it up this morning but will be ready for some lifting tomorrow!

One hour, one on one workout @6am

Warm up 4.5 miles on bike and 1000m row (first time under 5 mins on the row)

First set x2

  • Walking squat x10
  • Walking lunge x10
  • Reversed wood chop, each side x10

Second set x4

  • Dumbbell snatch with 22.5 lbs, each side x5
  • Step up with hold on opposite leg with 22.5 lbs, each side x5

Third set x4

  • Single arm 14 kg kettle bell swing with clean on last one, each arm x10
  • Reverse lunge with 14 kg kettle bell, each leg x5

Forth set x3 (killer TRX circuit)

  • TRX crunch (with feet in TRX) x20
  • TRX single leg squat, each side x10
  • TRX push up x20
  • TRX skull crusher x10
  • TRX rows x10
  • TRX T’s x10
  • TRX curls x10

Cool down .6 mile walk home


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