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Who’s watching who?

There are a lot of interesting characters at the gym at any given time.  I like to go early in the morning because it seems to be a little quieter.  From young and old, to just starting out as well as reaching their goals.  And we all know we are watching each other.  I don’t mean that anyone is sitting in the corner being a creeper, but it is human nature to look around at one’s surrounding especially when you are sharing an area with others.

This morning I got the pleasure of having someone working out next to me for a lot of my sets.  This man was clearly doing his own thing, but his own thing just happened to be in my space as well.  I have seen him before but never had the “pleasure” of working out next to him. He seemed somewhat rushed and oh the sounds that were coming out of him!  They were a mixture of a motorboat and a bad bowl movement with other various sounds mixed in!  It was a little strange being so close to him and it was hard at times not to laugh.  I admit that I have my own mixture of grunts and heavy breathing sounds, but I try to keep them on the down-low.  This person had no shame and was just letting it all ring out!

Then there were the two teenage boys that were trying to man themselves up by lifting probably more than they should have and cussing a lot more than their mothers would have approved of.  They were soon distracted by the two teenaged girls that walked by.  The girls were more interested in their smartphones and looking like they were going to work out then they were actually in working out.  I watched the boys, as they watched the girls walk by and then whispered between themselves.  Within minutes the boys very smoothly, relocated and set up camp next to the two girls.

Lastly there was the older gentleman that came onto the floor wearing flip-flops and walking with a cane.  He sat himself down on the seated rower and started to pump as much iron as his aging arms would allow.  I thought to myself “good for him”!  Even though his form wasn’t the best, at least he was getting in the gym and doing something that most people his age don’t even think about doing.  There was another, somewhat “younger” older gentleman and he was making sure to say hello to all the pretty, sweaty, tanned 40 something year old women that walked by him in between his sets.  Again, good for him because there is nothing wrong with a little eye candy no matter what age you are!

All and all, everyone in the gym this morning was there because they made a choice to do something good with their morning.  Some may have gotten in a better workout than others but any workout out is better than none at all.  It was fun having these people to hang out with this morning and I hope I did something intresting to amuse them as well!

1.5 hour solo workout @7:30am

Warm up 10mins on stair stepper @ level 7

First set (1-2 minute rest in between sets) x3

  • Front squats with 10 sec hold, with 16kg kettle bell x10
  • Kettle bell swing with 16kg kettle bell x10

Second set (1-2 minutes rest in between sets)

  • Dead lifts with 105 lbs x10
  • Dead lifts with 125 lbs x5
  • Dead lifts with 125 lbs x5
  • Dead lifts with 125 lbs x5
  • Leg press 8 reps at 270 lbs x4

Third set (1-2 minutes rest in between sets) x4

  • Pull up with 55 lbs asst. x8
  • Alternating seated single arm row, set at 6o lbs x10
  • Low row on Life Fitness machine, set at 55 lbs x10
  • Dumbbell rows 20 lbs, each arm x10

Forth set (1-2 minutes rest between sets) x4

  • Rope bicep curls, set at 15 lbs x10
  • Shoulder raises, with 7 lbs dumbbells x10

One thought on “Who’s watching who?

  1. Journal of a Shrinking Girl says:

    that is true that there is a lot of interesting characters at the gym. Its funny that there are few ppl who don’t want to be there and there are ppl Youngish texting wile lifting weights,or doing sit ups. What ever they are typing or talking about can it wait until they are done. Wonder if those ppl are getting a work out or they can hurt them self’s.

    At my old gym that I once belonged a women who was talking on the phone looking at her self in the merrier wile looking at a guy working out.

    Liked by 1 person

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