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Woke up, got werk done!

This morning was my homework, or should I say, “gym-work” day.  I basically repeated the workout I had done on Tuesday.  When I am working out alone, I always start out thinking, “Oh man this is going to be hard” and then I surprise myself when I am finished.  Today was no different.  I can defiantly tell that it is time to up my weight on some of my sets.  My triceps felt so much stronger today and I’m starting to really see more definition in my arms overall.

One hour, solo workout @ 6:30am

Warm up 800m row

First set (1-2 minute rest between sets)

  • 10 front squats with 5 second pause between each with 35 lbs barbell x3
  • Barbell squats 75 lbs x12, 105 lbs x10, 115-125 lbs x8, 125 lbs x8, 125 lbs x8

Second set x2 (1-2 minute rest between sets)

  • Static lunges with barbell with 55 lbs x10 on each side

Third set x4 (1-2 minute rest between sets)

  • Bench press 45 lbs x12, 55 lbs x10, 60 lbs x10, 60 lbs x10
  • Lateral lunges with 25 lbs plate x10 each side

Forth set x3 (one minute rest between sets)

  • Incline dumbbell chest press 20 lbs x10
  • Seated shoulder press 15 lbs x10
  • Reverse lateral raises (Romanian deadlift stance/reverse flies) 8 lbs each side, x10

Fifth set x3 (one minute rest between sets)

  • Triceps pull downs with rope handle on LifeFitness machine set on 15-17.5 lbs x12
  • Triceps kickbacks with 8 lbs dumbbells x10

Cool down .6 mile walk home


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