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Cardio and core, we meet again

I had been flying solo for the last couple of Tuesday and Thursday group workouts and because of that, my trainer focused those workouts more on my goal then on the running that they are usually geared towards.  Well this morning one of my group members showed up.  It was really good to see him, he’s a lot of fun to workout with, but with there being an actually “group” this morning the focus of the workout was more geared towards running i.e. cardio and core.

I welcome the core workouts with open arms.  My core/midsection is my main area that I would like to “clean up”.  I haven’t really done any high intensity cardio in a while and let me say this, I will take my heavier weights and long breaks, over the feeling that my heart and lungs can’t catch up to the rest of my body, any day!  LOL  The set that included doing box jumps (my biggest fear) and dead lifts, without any rest in between, was killer.  Even though the weight was really light on the bar, my heart rate made up for the difference!

I can say that today I saw/felt some personal gains.  I noticed that I knocked out the inverted rows like they were nothing when they used to be a struggle after about rep seven.  And even my partner this morning commented on how good my form looked while doing the single arm kettle bell rows (keeping good form while doing those used to be very challenging for me).  So I know I am getting stronger.  Even the pull up holds weren’t as bad and I was holding them for 10 seconds longer at a time.  The only draw back with those is that my hands kept slipping off the bar.  I feel like if the bar was a little thinner in diameter I could probably hold on for even longer.  Damn my tiny, little girly hands!

Tomorrow is a rest day which I am looking forward to.  My right hip has been getting tight again so I am trying to remember to roll it out about once an hour.  It was pretty bad last night because it kept me from being able to get comfortable in bed.  After about an hour of tossing and turning I went downstairs to sleep on our sofa.  I have no idea what makes it easier for me to fall asleep on the sofa, but it works every time.  If I try to stay in bed, my moving around keeps my husband up.  He feels bad for me when I can’t sleep so he understands when I move.  I think if I just keep on with my stretching I should be good.  Sometimes it is easy to forget that rest and relaxation is just as important as the work.

One hour, group workout @6am

Warm up 3.5 mile bike

First set x3

  • Dumbbell front squat holds with 20 lbs x10
  • Walking lunge with 20 lbs single arm hold overhead, each side x10

Second set x5 (no break in between sets)

  • Box jumps x8
  • Dead lifts with 85 lbs barbell x5

Third set x4

  • Pull up holds for 30 secs
  • Inverted row x10
  • Single leg Romanian dead lift with 18kg kettle bell, each side x10

Forth set x4

  • Single arm kettle bell swing with 12kg bell, each side x10
  • Single arm kettle bell row with 12kg bell, each side x10

Cool down .6 mile walk home


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