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All by myself…. don’t wanna be…..

I had a couple of a set backs this morning.  Nothing that couldn’t be worked around, but still a little frustrating.  First, I got on my scale to see what a weeks worth of hard work outs had done for me.  It showed that I had gained a pound, which didn’t scare me because I figured it was muscle mass, but it also showed that my body fat percentage had went up .3%.  Now I know that doesn’t seem like a lot, which it is not, but I definitely don’t want to see my body fat going up at all!  I am trying to bring that number down and bring my muscle mass up.  I’m sure I don’t have the best scale on the market, but it was still frustrating to say the least.  I am planning on doing the Resting Metabolic Rate test at the gym this week, so hopefully by doing that, and by weighing myself on their “fancy” scale, I will have a better base line to work from.

The second little set back was that as 10am started to approach, my trainer was nowhere to be seen.  So, I finally went over to the desk and asked some of the other trainers if they had seen him today.  I was told that he had taken today off because of some family medical issues and that he wouldn’t be back till tomorrow.  This was a bummer for me.  I texted him and he apologized for not informing me and told me that since I was already at the gym I should “pull” as he put it.  I was assuming “pulling” meant lifting some weight, like doing dead lifts, so I put together a work out plan of my own and went with it.

After I shook off the fact that I would be going it alone, I wound up with a pretty decent workout (I think).  I’m glad that I stuck it out and stayed because the idea of going back home was heavy on my mind at first.  I really want to succeed with my original goal of toning up, so I know that I just have to push myself through each workout and meal, no matter what might be in the way.  Today turned into a win and now it’s time to relax.

One hour a half hour, solo workout @ 10:30am

Warm up 10mins on stair stepper @ level 7

First set (1-2 minute rest in between sets)

  • Squats with 85 lbs x5
  • Squats with 95 lbs x5
  • Dead lifts with 105 lbs x10
  • Dead lifts with 105 lbs x10
  • Dead lifts with 105 lbs x10
  • Dead lifts with 115 lbs x5
  • Dead lifts with 115 lbs x5
  • Dead lifts with 125 bus x3

Second set x4

  • Pull up with 55 lbs asst. x8
  • Lateral side plank, alternating sides x10

Third set x4

  • Low row on Life Fitness machine, set at 55 lbs x10
  • Rope bicep curls, set at 15 lbs x10
  • Shoulder raises, with 5 lbs dumbbells x10

5 thoughts on “All by myself…. don’t wanna be…..

  1. Journal of a Shrinking Girl says:

    just little confused…the lb you gained couldn’t that have been mucle not fat. I just re read your post damn girl I wish I had only 3 % body fat…but one of these days I will.

    That is why I hate jumping on the scale. As scale don’t like me to much.

    I have a qustion for you….how offten do you go to the gym and do your work out?

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    • Thank you for the feedback. When I was referencing my body fat percentage, I may have been unclear. Currently I am at 23.6% body fat, which is a .3% increase from last weeks 23.3% reading. So because the body fat percentage had increased (even though it wasn’t by much) as well as my actual weight went from 122.5 to 123.5. I was bummed because a portion of that gain was fat and not all muscle. Well at least not according to my home scale, which I am not all too sure how accurate it actually is.
      For your second question, currently I am going to the gym 5 days a week (Friday and Sunday are my rest days). And I usually work out for at least an hour to an hour and a half from warm up to cool down.

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      • Thanks so much! Sometimes all of this fitness stuff is so confusing; all the numbers and macros and so on that I have no idea if I am doing a good job or not! One thing I will say, is that no matter what, how your clothes fit is a great indicator of your progress, even more so then the scale. So far, so good for me!

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      • Journal of a Shrinking Girl says:

        I know I here what your saying and yes to on how clothing fights on the person. If it is little lose then one must be doing something right and if it doesn’t then need to work little harder.

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