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…. Building muscles in my thighs!

Today began week two of my strength training.  I was ready to go this morning after finishing up last weeks workout-homework yesterday.  Today meant a new workout plan and new goals.  We did repeat some of the exercises that I did last week, but added more weight and made sure my form was still looking good.  I started to notice during some of my sets, that even though the weight was getting heavier, I was managing just fine.  Once I learned what it felt like to go through each set, the next didn’t seem as bad.  Not to say that these sets were “easy” by any means, but I just felt like I could handle more physically and mentally.  I can’t wait to see where I am another week from now!

I can tell that I need to make sure I am stretching after I get home and then throughout the day.  My right hip is getting a little tight but besides that I feel pretty good.  I really need to get back to doing yoga.  I used to do yoga 3 times a week in years past.  Yoga is a great way to maintain flexibility and build core strength, both of which are important no matter what you are doing.  Not to mention it is mentally stimulating too.  I highly recommend getting in at least 2 sessions a week if you have thw time!  I guarantee you will notice a big difference in your performance whether you are a runner, cyclist, cross-fitter, or just lifting.

One hour, one on one workout @6am

Warm up 4.5 mile bike and 800m row

First set (1-2 minute rest between sets)

  • 10 front squats with 5 second pause between each with 35 lbs barbell x3
  • Barbell squats 75 lbs x12, 105 lbs x10, 115-125 lbs x8, 125 lbs x8, 125 lbs x8

Second set x2 (1-2 minute rest between sets)

  • Static lunges with barbell with 55 lbs x10 on each side

Third set x4 (1-2 minute rest between sets)

  • Bench press 45 lbs x12, 55 lbs x10, 60 lbs x10, 60 lbs x10
  • Lateral lunges with 25 lbs plate x10 each side

Forth set x3 (one minute rest between sets)

  • Incline dumbbell chest press 20 lbs x10
  • Seated shoulder press 15 lbs x10
  • Reverse lateral raises (Romanian deadlift stance/reverse flies) 8 lbs each side, x10

Fifth set x3 (one minute rest between sets)

  • Triceps pull downs with rope handle on LifeFitness machine set on 15-17.5 lbs x10
  • Triceps kickbacks with 8 lbs dumbbells x10

Cool down .6 mile walk home


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