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New week. New me!

I went back to the gym this morning to do a repeat of last Thursday’s workout.  I did tweak it a little, mostly by accident.  I forgot to do the lateral planks in between my dead lifts and I  miscounted the amount on my barbell so I did one set at 110 lbs and only two at 135 lbs.  Everything still felt rather challenging.  Maybe a tad bit easier because I knew what to expect but I wouldn’t call any of it easy!  Now I have one week down and on Wednesday I will get a new set to focus on.  My trainer messaged me yesterday to ask how I was doing.  I told him I felt great and he said that was great to get the foundation laid down and that this week we would being the next step.

I’m actually really enjoying spending this kind of time in the gym.  I feel mentally and physically challenged and nothing has been “hurting”.  I am going to the chiropractor today to just get a check up.  It’s been a long time since I have been able to go without having something specific to complain about.  It’s just really nice to feel this good!

One hour, solo workout @6:30am 

Warm up of 1000m easy row

First set x4

  • Hamstring curls on TRX (laying on back with heals in TRX, raise butt and curl legs under) x15
  • Hamstring crunch on TRX (facing floor, on hands with feet in TRX, crunch legs under and hips up) x15
    30sec plank hold with feet still in TRX on elbows
  • Single leg squat using TRX, each side x15

Second set x5

  • Dead lifts 95lbs x10, 110lbs x8, 125lbs x5, 135lbs x3, 135lbs x3

Third set x4

  • 20sec pull up hold
  • Inverted row x10

Forth set x4

  • Low row on Life Fitness machine, set at 55 lbs x10
  • Rope bicep curls, set at 15lbs x10

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