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Toning on up!

Today begins my total body strength training.  I’m actually pretty excited and can’t wait to see some results.  I worked out one on one with my trainer this morning.  It was pretty intense.  This workout was similar to my other group workouts.  The main difference was there was no cardio involved and the intensity was much higher with longer breaks between sets.  Some of the sets were really hard and some I surprised myself with.

My trainer is pretty confident that I will be lifting heavier weight in no time and he also pretty much told me no running while I am strength training.  It was weird to hear that coming from him because he has always been my running coach.  But I totally understand that you really can’t do both.  Running is a different beast from building lean body mass.  They are kind of like oil and water, and just don’t mix.  But I’m ok with that for now.  Basically, the plan for me is to do a one on one with him on Wednesday’s and then come back on Saturday’s and repeat the workout on my own.  Then the following week I will have a new set to focus on.  After 4 weeks of this I will have more than enough information to continue on my own.  I originally said I would give it a month, but who knows, if I like what I am seeing I may stretch it into two months.  I am committed to doing a relay run in September so I will have to get back into the running a little bit before then.  Luckily it is only a 4.3 mile run so I think I will be ok and I won’t need to set aside weeks of training for it.


I’m also considering having my Resting Metabolism Rate, or RMR, tested.  This will show me how many calories my body burns when I am not doing anything.  After we have those numbers in place I will have a better idea of what I should be eating.  I am a little skeptical of having this done.  I feel like tests like this are based more on the Standard American Diet, or SAD, and I don’t eat like that.  Ever since going vegan I don’t count anything.  I read labels and watch my salt and added sugar, but that’s about it.  And in that time my weight has pretty much stayed the same.  But I am a sucker for data about my health so it should be interesting to see.  I will post my results from the RMR here as well as some before and after pictures very soon.

One hour, one on one strength session @10am (to be repeated on Saturday)

Warm up 8 mins on stair stepper @ level 7

First set

  • 10 squats @ 85lbs with one minute rest x10
  • 8 leg press @ 270 lbs with 2 min rest x5

Second set x4 (one to two minutes rest between each set)

  • Split lunge (leg on bench) with 10 lbs plates, each leg x10
  • Incline bench press with 45 lbs bar x10

Third set x3 (one to two minute rest between each set)

  • Laying down dumbbell chest press with 17.5-20 lbs x10
  • Seated shoulder press 15-17.5 lbs x8
  • Should raises (to the front) with 5 lbs dumbbells x10

Forth set x3 (one to two minute rest between each set)

  • Reverse fly shoulder raises (Hungarian dead lift position, arms go to the side) with 8 lbs dumbbells x10
  • Triceps push down with rope with 15-17.5 lbs x10

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