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Try it Tuesday

This morning was our gyms “Try it Tuesday”.  I believe this happens once a month (or maybe once ever three months) and it allows people who haven’t worked out with a trainer in a small group to try it out.  For me this means having new people join our little early morning group, which in turn means:  an easier workout.  I was the only “regular” that showed this morning and normally I would be stoked because it would mean a more challenging work out.  But last night was the Forth of July and the people down the street decided to celebrate until close to midnight.  Needless to say, I didn’t get too much sleep,  so to have an easier workout out, just worked out good.

I was joined by one other Try it Tuesday person; an older woman who had never really done any strength training before. (I was going to abbreviate Try it Tuesday but I didn’t think my workout partner would appreciate being the TiT lady! hehehe)  She wound up being a pretty strong lady and said she enjoyed herself.  My ego always creeps in just a little on these days because I can usually lift a lot more weight or go longer then the newbies.  My trainer gave me a taste of what is to come by having me squat the heaviest I’ve done in a long time as well as my heaviest leg press ever.

After our workout my trainer and I sat down and talked about what we were going to set up for this month.  July is my focus on overall, total body strength while leaning off of running, month.  He is going to do some one on one sessions with me to give me the tools I need to come in and set up a workout by myself.  The fun starts tomorrow when he will test my limits to see exactly where my starting point is.  It’s going to be fun but I also sense some sore days coming ahead.


Me and this little guy are going to be good friends!  Check it our here!

We also talked about food intake and I have to really start eating a lot more, especially a lot more protein.  I like food and love to eat, but the last time I tracked my food for something like this I got to the point that I felt like I couldn’t eat any more.  I always felt full, but still needed to eat more.  I am going to track my food for at least this month on the My Fitness Pal app and see how it goes.  I am kind of dreading it already but I really do want to see what I am capable of and I understand that nutrition is a big part of it.

Tonight is also our social run.  Not sure if I am going to make it or not.  The heat index is supposed to be close to 105 degrees and that just doesn’t sound like fun no matter how you slice it.  I’ll see how I feel later, but I’m not counting on it……

Try it Tuesday one hour group workout @ 6am

Warm up 3.5 mile bike and 850m row

First set x4

  • Reversed Wood Chop 17.5 lbs, each side x15
  • Body weight squats x10

Second set x4

  • Squats 125 lbs barbell x 8-10

Third set x4

  • Bench press 55 lbs barbell x10
  • Leg press with 270 lbs x8

Forth set x4

  • Seated shoulder press with 17.5 lbs dumbbells x8

Cool down .6 mile walk home


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