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You go sit in the car then

Our local weather report said we were under an extreme heat advisory until tomorrow night.  At 7:30pm the outside temperature was still 94 degrees with a heat index of 100.    The sun was setting, but still out.  And in my personal opinion, it was not weather I would want to be sitting outside in.  We went out to get pizza and the car we parked next to had its windows down, which I thought was a little strange (only because it was a newer, nicer looking car).  Then I happened to notice the slobber marks on the back windows that were not all the way down.  So I peaked inside knowing already what I was going to find.  Sure enough there was a dog panting on the back seat.

I could instantly feel my blood start to boil as we entered the restaurant.  I scanned the place to see who the stupid fool was that thought this was a good idea.  Most of the people looked like they had been there awhile so I targeted the lady that was ordering before us.  She was taking her order to go, as were we.  After she paid she sat down, not even close to a window or anything, and waited.  The whole time we were in line I kept my eyes on the car.  The poor dog was not even standing up to put his head out the window.  I kept looking back and forth from the car to my suspect.  I think she finally caught on that I was fuming and even though her order wasn’t ready yet, she went outside and took the dog out of the car and sat with him.

Finally her order was ready and the pizza guy took it out to her.  He later returned to get a glass of water (which I knew was for the dog) so I thanked him for his good deed when he came back inside.  He claimed the lady asked him to get the water since she obviously couldn’t come inside.  After that, our order was ready and we went outside as well.  She proceeded to give me the stink eye while we were getting into the car. My husband was concerned with my level of anger towards her.  He said he as afraid I was going to do something to her.  I really wanted to.  I wanted to make a scene.  I wanted to call her out.  I knew, that she knew, she had done something wrong just by her reaction to me.  A person who does not feel guilty about their actions does not try to fix the situation.  But a person who knows what they are doing is wrong generally will try to backtrack as to not create a scene.

I just don’t for the life of my understand why people are so disconnected when it comes to their pets.  I know not every pet owner is like this, but the one’s who are just shouldn’t have any pets in the first place.  I can guarantee you that if that had been a toddler strapped in a child seat, people would have gone apeshit.  I actually watch several other people come into the pizza place, that walked right by the same car, and didn’t even bat an eye.  I don’t care if the windows were down, it is too freaking hot out there to do that.  I wanted to tell the lady to go and sit in the back of her car, with leather seats, and see how long she could last waiting there, not knowing when the cool air of the AC would be back on.

Our animals love us unconditionally.  They seriously trust us with their lives.  They trust us to always make the best decisions for them.  They trust us to fed them, water them and provide them with a roof over their heads and protection from the elements.  I do not, for the life of me, understand how people can just treat them like an “object” or “possession”.  Something without feelings or a soul.  If you are going to go out and grab something to eat, leave your dog at home!  Let him snooze on his fluffy bed until your return.  Let him sit and be comfortable as you would want to be.  Just use some common sense for crying out loud and leave them at home!


One thought on “You go sit in the car then

  1. Journal of a Shrinking Girl says:

    well said….ppl are getting dumb in this kind of weather. I see a lot of cars with dog’s sitting in hot sun. Even in cloudy days, it still can get hot. Here in Canada, were I live in the summer time weather can change quickly from 1hr of gray sky to blazing hot weather. It rained all day were I live I don’t dare to take my dog in the car because it could get hot in the car. In the fall, threw out the winter he comes for car ride’s. But NEVER in the summer time. It is bad enough I get hot. I think ppl who leave dog in the car should put fur coat on and make that person sit in the car. But that would never happen

    I do think that we should be aloud to brake the person window to save the dog. But the thing is how friendly is the dog will the dog bite? I think I am going to call the dog control and talk to the RCMP.

    Some store’s here allow your dog to be in stores only in summer time, but if you can leave dog at home then do it.

    Summer time rolls around I swear some ppls brains melt in the sun…

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