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Onto July!

Great workout this morning.  Hamstrings got a good beating and I felt strong!  I was a little tired this morning before I went to the gym.  My husband knows I’ve been pretty stressed out the last couple of days and suggested that I just sleep in and skip my workout today.  I told him no way!  He replied by saying “it’s only one day” and I said “yeah, but one day turns into two”.  He was quite for a second and then said I was absolutely right and for a second admired my perseverance.

He has been struggling to get back into his old routine.  When we first meet 6+ years ago, he was a full on, fast, runner.  Sometimes running 4-5 times a week and going anywhere from 5-7 miles at a time at a 7-8 min pace.  We spent a lot of our first years together at our city’s hike and bike trail racking up the miles.  Even though he wasn’t into paying to run in races, he did quit a few with me.  And he could run, in top form, during the most undesirable times of the day too.  3 o’clock in the afternoon, during the summer, when it was well over 100 degrees with the heat index.  I could barely get out 3 miles without dying and he would be drenched, but still look like he didn’t really put that much effort into it.

Fast forward 4 more years, and I can’t even remember the last time he ran.  He’s always been faster than me, but now I’m sure I could take him.  He’s been telling me for the last year that he really wants to get back into his running.  I really supported him, even got him to come to a couple Saturday morning group runs, but he just couldn’t do it.  He couldn’t run like he used to, and it frustrated him more to where he gave up altogether.  Last weekend he told me he was going to run Saturday and Sunday, even if it was just a mile at a time.  The weekend came and went with no miles to speak of.

It makes me sad to see him down on himself but only he can choose to change.  He’s frustrated that he has lost his stamina and has gained a couple of pounds as the trade-off.  I really wish I could help him but we have two very different ideas when it comes to physical fitness.  He is a UPS driver, so he does work very hard and even harder now that it’s summer.  Sometimes I think he uses that as an excuse, but I remind him that when I first met him he was a UPS driver and a runner.  I do hope that he finds his way out of the funk he’s in.  I’ve always wished that we could be like other couples I see running together.

I do totally understand being burnt out.  I really do want to take a break from running myself, as I have stated in earlier blogs.  But I also know that as soon as the crisp, cool air of fall returns, so will my miles.  I absolutely love running in the fall and winter and am counting down the days until then.  For now I am happy with my workout routine and hope to see more improvements in myself over the next months.  Still trying to come up with a plan for that, but should hopefully be up for the challenge next week.

Oh one other thing I have changed is that I have started to have a protein/carb smoothie (found here) before and after my workouts now.  I think it is helping because I don’t feel as hungry while I am working out.  My trainer told me if I wanted to see results I would have to focus on my food intake more.  More protein and less sugar.  For the month of July I am cutting out all processed sugars.  Even though my trainer and I don’t see eye to eye about fruit, I don’t plan on changing anything when it comes to that.  I am a firm believer that processed sugars break down a lot differently then natural sugars that are found in fruits.  Here is a small article about the difference between the two and there is a lot more information out there that supports it as well.  I always highly recommend that people watch documentaries such as Forks Over Knives (it’s on Netflix as well) or read books like Eat to Live as a way to start turning around your thinking about food in general.

One hour group workout @ 6am

Warm up 4.5 mile bike and 260m ski

First set x4

  • 30 pendulum swings
  • single leg bridge on stability ball, each leg x15
  • bird dog on stability ball x20
  • ski for 1 min

Second set x4

  • single leg step up for 30 seconds
  • squat to a row using weight machine, set on 22.5 pounds for 30 seconds

Third set x4

  • squat to single leg stance with 20 lbs dumbbell cling, each side x5
  • frog jumps 4-5 down, 4-5 back

Forth set x4

  • Romanian dead lift with 95 lbs x10
  • inverted row x10

Cool down .6 mile walk home


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