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Normalcy and Rest equals Happiness

It has been a crazy last couple of days.  I’ve been dealing with two sick fur-babies (which both are doing much better now).  This workout was about the only “normal” thing that I did on Tuesday.  Between rushing back and forth to the vet, running errands and going to work, I was very thankful for its normalcy.

It was a harder workout towards the end.  I haven’t been pushing that much weight in a little while.  I was telling my trainer the other day that I wanted to shift my focus from running strength training to total body toning and firming.  And even though this workout was still very running specific, I think he spiced it up a little for me.

I didn’t make it to the evenings group run because life got in the way.  It turned out ok though because we had some thunderstorms pop up in the early evening that forced the running group inside for some circuit work instead.  I’m sure they had a great workout but after my morning (and day) I was pretty exhausted.  Last night was the first night that I got to sleep through the whole night.  No waking up to check on kitties!  I did wake up about 30mins earlier then I normally would but I think it was just because I had finally slept and my body was at 100% for the first time in a while.  Rest is such an important tool.

One hour group workout @6am

Warm up 4 mile bike and 1000m row

First set x4

  • Dynamic lunge with single leg press, 10 down 10 back
  • Kneeling reverse wood chop 17lbs x10
  • Pull off with 12.5lbs 10 out, 1o back
  • V-sit with knee flex raise, each side x10

Second set x4

  • 12kg kettle bell swing x15
  • Walking lunge with 12kg kettle bell after beginning cling, each side x5

Third set x4

  • Barbell squats 55lbs, 75lbs, 85lbs x8-10
  • Incline chest press 35lbs, 45lbs x8

Forth set x2

  • Single leg shoulder raises alternating front to side with 8lbs dumbbells x10




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