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Summer slumps

So far summer time has taken quit a bite out of my running.  I just cannot get myself into it.  I missed our interval group run yesterday (due to having to take a fur-baby to the vet).  Then we had a group, hill run, scheduled for this morning that I had to pass on as well.  My mileage just isn’t ready for 4 miles of horrible, humid, hills.  I have recently contemplated taking the summer off from running and pursuing more weight training.

I want to do weight training that is specifically for building more total body, lean muscle mass (I want abs damn it!).  The current training I do now is running focused.  Just enough to get the import muscles working with a bit of cardio mixed in.  I know that in order to really build muscle I would have to cut back on cardio.  You just really can’t do both.  I think I would be ok with that.  I just feel a little burnt out on running right now.  My injury set me back and the summer weather is not making it easy for me to make a come back.  I just think I need a break until fall.

Not sure how my trainer will take this news.  I was paired with him two years ago because of my interest in running and I have become like his “right hand man” ever since.  He bounces ideas for our group runs off of me and I help him to organize events that the group participates in.  I’m sure he would support my choice but I would also miss our group.  But I guess it’s not like I’m moving or anything.  Once the temps cool down again I know I will be ready to run again.  This is not the first time I have taken a break from running.  And I really don’t plan on stopping all together, but my weekly mileage probably would make it into double digits for a couple months.

Listen to me, it’s like I am trying to reason with myself.  Why do we do that?  Why is it so hard to just admit that you need a break from whatever it is that you are struggling with? It’s really not a big deal.  And there is nothing wrong with variety and change.  How I decide to workout is my own business.  I guess it’s the sense of “giving up” or “failing” that sits heavy on my shoulders.  I can be pretty stubborn and hard on myself when it comes to that.

Oh well.  July is right around the corner so maybe this is the best time to try something new!  To be continued…..


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