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Tuesday morning workout and an evening rant….. I mean run

Tuesday started off with a good morning workout.  I look forward to strength training more and more everyday.  It is one workout that I really don’t ever miss and always feel great after I finish it.  Running on the other hand, has become harder and harder with the temps climbing higher and higher.

I have to admit, I was quite the “negative Nancy” with our run last night.  It was too hot and too humid and 3 miles even seemed like too long!  We had a decent group but we were very divided.  You were either in the super fast, look at us go group, or the OMG we are going to die, are you sure this is only 3 miles group?  I was apart of the latter, and actually didn’t even make it the full 3 miles.  I took a wrong turn, with one other lady, painfully trying to keep up behind me.  I had to walk several times, so not to lose her, but to be honest more so because I was just fried.  A couple of areas on our route were in direct sunlight and I just felt like I was dragging my ass.  This run felt almost like the last nail in the coffin for me.  I was really close to wanting to throw in the towel and say no more until at least October.  And I’m not ruling that idea out yet either.

Running is usually any other sports punishment (played a bad game = go run laps), so some people find it hard to enjoy.  When the temps are right (between 30-70 degrees for me) running is my happy place.  The thing that I feel most free doing.  The activity that I love to push myself harder at.  Last winter/spring I ran some new distances (first half marathon), and even placed in my age group for the first time.  I had logged more mile a week then I ever had in pervious years and was a huge cheerleader for my group.

This summer on the other hand, has been very different.  I have been dreading going to our meets.  I go back and forth in my head of whether I should even try to exert that much energy for such a seemingly small reward (and if anything I don’t really feel “rewarded” but instead beat down).  To be honest, being there for our trainer is the main reason I come.  He is a great guy and has done so much for me, that I feel like I owe it to him to try my hardest to be present.  Plus I have been with him since day one of the Run Club at our gym.  Back then, sometimes it would be just he and I and maybe one other runner.  So my inner obligation keeps me coming, but my interest is wearing thin in this heat.

I wonder what would happen if I took the summer off?  Would I still be a “runner”?  Sure.  Would I have to start all over again in the fall?  Yes.  But would I enjoy it more?  Most definitely!  I’m not ready to throw in the towel yet.  I am going to try to do some early morning runs with my friend and see how I feel.  But one thing is for certain, that I am counting down the days until fall!

One hour group workout @ 6am

Warm up 4 mile cycle and 800m ski

First set x3

  • Walking lunge with twist x10
  • Body weight squats x10
  • Reversed wood chop with resistance, both sides x10

Second set x4

  • Bird dog on stability ball x10
  • Single leg glute bridge on stability ball, both sides x10
  • Crunches on stability ball x20
  • Front squats with 30 lbs bar bell hold 20sec

Third set x4

  • Step ups with kettle bell (cling position), both sides x10
  • Kettle bell swing x20

Forth set x3

  • Alternating push up with medicine ball x20
  • Leg whips, forward and back, each leg x10 (40 total)
  • Squats with with 20 lbs bar bell and tension band above knees x10

Cool down .6 mile walk home

Run club 2.6 mile run 90 degrees @7pm

  • Overall time 27:01
  • Average pace 10:34
  • Splits 9:25, 11:05, 11:42
  • Average cadence 170 (had to walk a lot)

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 8.59.59 PM



4 thoughts on “Tuesday morning workout and an evening rant….. I mean run

    • Hello there, thanks for asking a great question! Stability balls are great for building core strength and balance. Basically when you are doing any form of workout on the ball, you are not only doing, let’s say crunches, you are also fine tuning a lot of smaller muscles as well. When you are off balance your body has to work harder and turn on more muscle groups to regain your balance. A lot of people even use them to replace their chairs at work or seating at home. Just sitting on one (or bouncing around too) will work you core and help you to achieve better posture! I would highly recommend adding one to your workout! You can google all sorts of poses and exercise that can be done on them! And as you noticed many of my workouts include them too!

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      • No problem! I would totally recommend getting one. Great tool to have for some many different alterations to your normal workout. And yes they would be water proof. They are just a giant rubber ball.


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