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I am not insane

Over the past couple weeks, it has come to my attention I need to set a dedicated amount of time aside for things that are truly important to me.  I know I have the will power to do so.  I already do things, such as make it to the gym at least 4 times a week  or live a vegan lifestyle, everyday, for the past 3 years.  I know that if it is important to me, I am capable of making time for it.

Another couple of things, of great importance to me, are this blog and my photography.  I have no idea if either will ever “take me anywhere” but there is the hope that maybe they will.  But you can’t just plant a seed and stand back to “hope it” grow.  No, you have to invest time and energy into it.  You have to water it, fertilize it, maybe cut it back from time to time and if it starts to grow even bigger then you have to think about the next steps in order to allow it to continue to flourish.  I know it all sounds a little cliché, but anything in life that is important is also worth the TLC that goes into it.  Sometimes it may not be that fun or exciting, but you never know what’s to come.

I still have probably over 500 pictures to go through and edit from the trips I took in the spring.  And even though I am proud of the little following I have on my blog, I feel like I need to make it into something more.  In the very beginning I was writing almost every day and now the post have become a little more sporadic.  I do have a part-time job now, but that is still no excuse.  I want to make this blog into something more.  I would love to have thousands of follower one day (or even hundreds would be welcomed), but the only way to do that is to really, really dedicate my time to it.

I recently ordered an iMac desktop computer with a massive monitor!  I am very excited about this investment.  I have a dedicated office (or you could call it my woMan cave) upstairs.  I spent a day cleaning and reorganizing it.  The desk is clutter free and ready for the new computer.  I also have taken an Adobe Lightroom class and now have the tools, and some of the knowledge, that I need to make my photos great.  And I’m not done there; I plan on taking a couple more classes, maybe even look into some writing workshops, as well as looking into a web hosting site so that this little bird can fly free from the WordPress world (nothing against WordPress, but it’s time for me to be on my own)!

The next step for me is to decide just how much time I want to set aside a day.  I was thinking around 4 hours.  It would be like having a second part-time job, but if I don’t invest in myself, then who will?  I have the time, I just need to have the discipline too. Most mainstream authors that I follow have all mentioned having to work towards their dreams even when they weren’t getting paid a dime.  Some of their shared experiences consisted of, working long shifts as waitresses or bartenders, where they were grossly underpaid, just to come home to rejection letter after rejection letter of their latest literary submission.  Albert Einstein would refer to something like this as being insane!


But what about the day that everything changes?  The day when they (you) receive that one acceptance letter?  The one time that they (you) finally hit it big!?  Wouldn’t all the blood, sweat, and tears be worth it?  I can only hope so.  I have faith in myself to one day become something more than I am today.  But just like with the planted seed, nothing will ever change if I don’t agree with myself to make time for it.


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