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Great morning, intense evening run

Tuesday mornings work out was great as usual.  Some mornings I wake up a little tired and think to myself “do I really want to go to the gym”?  The answer is always yes because I always feel so alive and much happier if I do.  I can sleep later; I would rather spend my morning knowing I did something good for me.  The gym is my time, where I can push myself as hard as I want.  I love the group I work out with.  I love the other people I see and talk to as I’m getting warmed up.  And I even love the walk home afterwards.  When I look at the time and see that it is 7:30am, and I’ve already got in a great workout, my day is complete!  No worrying about getting in a workout later.  I’m done and I feel great.

On Tuesdays I actually do get in a second workout by going to our gyms social run.  This week was the first week we started our run at 7pm instead of 6pm.  The temps are shooting up and summer is already here.  Our run tonight was challenging to say the least.  In the fall and winter I am pumped to get out a 5-7 mile run, no problem!  But with 90 degree temps and the air thick with humidity, anything over 3 miles is tough.  Half of our group beat the heat and went a full 5 miles.   The other half (that I was apart of) did a little under 4 miles and some even turned around before then.  My first mile was great, but the heat started to affect me soon after.  My pace started to suffer and I needed to walk on several occasions.  In the summer I remind myself that it is not about pace but just finishing the race!  I’m glad I showed up and I gave it my best.  My next run will be Saturday morning by the lake, so I’m hoping for a little reprieve.

One hour group workout @ 6am

Warm up 4 mile bike, 1000m row

First set x3

  • Runners on TRX each side x10 (20 total)
  • Knee tucks on TRX x20
  • 30 sec plank on TRX
  • Single leg squat on TRX each side x10 (20 total)

Second set x3

  • Superman leg raises on stability ball x20
  • Plank in and out on stability ball x20

Third set x5

  • double arm squat thruster x5 (15lbs, 17.5lbs, 20lbs, 22.5lbs, 25lbs)

Forth set (circuit on machines) x3

  • single leg step up with 25lbs both sides x10 (20 total)
  • single arm biceps curls 25lbs both sides x10 (20 total)
  • single arm shoulder press 20lbs both sides x10 (20 total)
  • single arm should press 10lbs both side x10 (20 total)

Cool down .6 mile walk home

3.8 mile run with Run Club 90 degrees @ 7pm

  • Overall time 40:29
  • Average pace 10:38
  • Splits 9:32, 10:47, 10:52, 8:54
  • Advantage cadence 168 (too low, but walked a lot)

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 3.24.38 PM


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