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One mile at a time

I went to my chiropractor yesterday and she worked on my left leg.  She could feel a build up of scar tissue so out came “the tool” and one bruised leg later, I felt better.  She said that she felt I was getting better, but only upped my mileage to 1.5 miles this week.  I have a feeling it is going to be very slow going getting my miles back up, but with all the strength training I have been doing, I’m ok with that.

I went out for a run with my group this morning.  It was interval day and we had a good amount of people show.  I rode my bike over and did the dynamic warm up with everyone.  They were all to be doing 800m repeats today.  When everyone started their first 800m run together, I started too, but then just kept going.  After three times around our route, I was at my stopping point.  I had a great pace (for not running consistently in over two months) at 9:26 and for the most part I felt ok too.  It was a cool, but very humid morning and everything was wet from the storms last night.  I felt like the hardest part of the run was breathing the moist air; give me dry and cold air any day over this!

After I finished my milage I rode my bike around the route encouraging everyone else to finish strong.  Then it was a 2 mile cool down for everyone.  I was glad to at least be out on my bike, but I am starting to miss putting in the work with my fellow runners.  But my focus now is just getting back to 100%.

Run Club speed work @7am

1 miles warm up run

800m x5 at race pace

2 mile cool down run


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