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Little Christa and Texas trail magic

It was raining this morning……. again.  Imagine that.  We have had a lot of rain in Central Texas over the past month.  Our lakes are full and actually over flowing for the first time since 2008.  My husband drops me at the gym before he goes to work, but that would mean a soggy walk home.  I did bring my Luna sandals again and my rain jacket, just in case.

I was feeling pretty tired and sore for the last couple workouts I had done so this morning was a bit of a struggle at times.  My arms and shoulders were the most worn out so starting with a warm up ski was just mean (just booked an appointment with my chiropractor too)!  I’m finally starting to intergrade one legged drills into my workouts again.  Nothing too crazy and nothing that involves any pounding.  So far so good.  By the end of the workout I was really feeling like my tank was on empty.  I had to lighten up my kettle bell weight for a couple drills.

Oh and I almost forgot to mention that before our workout a running/gym friend of mine, Christa, dropped off my new newest training tool.  She has weights that were made to be put in a backpack or weight pack.  She is supportive of my AT thru hike and said that I could borrow them for awhile to train with.  Today I got my first one, a 10 pound weight I have named Little Christa (thanks lady)!  It worked out good too because I had my sling pack with me to carry my shoes and jacket in, so on the way home I put Little Christa in there and got my first taste of walking with a little weight on my back.  I have to say that 10 pounds didn’t feel like that much of a difference.  I think I will need to up it to 20 before long.

Oh and to make the walk home even more exciting it was pouring down with thunder and everything by the time I left.  Friends did offer a ride home, but I declined (thanks Christa and Fern).  And I even had my first taste of a little Texas style “trail magic”.  A random gentleman pulled over and rolled down his window to offer me his umbrella.  His kindness made me smile but I thanked him and explained I was training for something so I needed to decline.  In my mind, the walk home took me out to the trail.  I feel like I am already so familiar with it from all the thru hikers I am following online.  I think about them when I walk in the pouring rain.  They are amazing people.  I’m only out in it for about 10-15 mins but they have described 5-6 hour hikes in rain and mud.  But every little bit helps to get me ready.  My jacket does pretty well for the short amount of time I have to walk home.  My clothes are always still dry under it.  I just hope it will perform the same after an hour or 6 in the rain!

Well that’s all for today.  I am planning on resting tomorrow and then I am going to try and see what I can do for Saturday morning’s interval work.  I may just come and see if I can run past a mile this time.

One hour group workout @ 6am

Warm up 4 miles on bike and 500m ski

First set x4

  • One minute plank
  • 30 sec lateral plank on each side
  • One minute superman hold

Second set x4

  • walking lunge to warrior three pose with 5lbs weight in hand 10 down 10 back then 6 down 6 back

Third set x2

  • squat with 15 pound dumbbell x10
  • squat to a press with 17.5 pound dumbbell x10
  • single arm thrusters each arm, one set with 17.5 lbs one set with 20 lbs x5
  • single arm thrusters to a balance on opposite foot, one set with 17.5 lbs one set with 20 lbs x5

Forth set x5

  • squat jumps x15
  • 24kg kettle bell deadlifts x10
  • 8kg kettle bell single arm row each side x10

Fifth set x2

  • single leg Romanian dead lift with 20kg kettle bell each side x10
  • TRX deep row x 10

Cool down .6 mile walk home with 10 pound weight in backpack



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