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Social run turned into social circuit

So it was still raining last night when our social run was to take place.  I actually walked over to the gym in my rain jacket and wore my Luna sandals to get through all the standing water.  I had my running shoes and socks in a sling bag on my back.  There was a steady rain as I walked the .6 of a mile over to the gym.  But earlier it was really coming down so there were some areas of standing water that were over 4 inches deep.

In away it was fun navigating my way over.  Times like this always make to think of the Appalachian Trail and how I will most likely spend part of my time hiking.  I just have to smile and laugh to myself because my half mile walk is nothing compared to hiking the AT.  I actually cut through a small, wooded area, on my walk over (or actually an over grown section of land that I’m not sure who owned).  It was a tunnel of green, with a narrow foot path and a mixture of rocks and mud.  I went that way to avoid the main road, where cars going 50mph would have sprayed me with water.  That small section of trail was really cool and made me feel excited.

After I made it into the gym and dried off and changed my footwear it was time to meet up with the group.  About 6 people showed up and we all knew that we wouldn’t be running outside tonight.  My coach had a circuit in mind for just such a day.  It would involve an Olympic row, Ski and 1 mile run on the treadmill.  We had an hour to rotate through each one.  I made it through the first round ok.  The mile run on the treadmill did me in though.  My leg did not enjoy the dynamics of running inside.  So when I got around to it for the second time, I had to switch it up with a 5k bike instead.  It was frustrating to have my leg hurt again, but I don’t think the treadmill is really good for anyone.  It feels nothing like running outside and I feel like I “pound” too much on it.  This morning my leg already felt better, so I am not going to push it until our run on Saturday.

The circuit was defiantly a heart pounder and my arms, shoulders, and well just about every part of me, felt it going into the second round.  I was pretty sore when I got home but after a good night’s sleep I feel pretty good this morning.  I am going to go to barbell strength class in a bit, but I am going to try to take it easy so not to over exert my body.  Luckily it is sunny out for the moment too!

One hour group circuit @6pm

Do as many as possible in an hour:

  • 1200m row
  • 800m ski
  • 1 mile run (or 5k on bike)

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