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Rain, rain go away…..

This morning was my first real workout after a lazy, 4 day weekend.  As much as I wanted to be at the gym, this workout seemed harder then others.  There was a lot of core and arm work to be done!  Sometimes I was struggling to keep my form in line.  But overall it felt good, to work out so hard.

Tonight is our social group run.  There is rain in the forecast that may put a damper on it.  I hope not, because I am really looking forward to getting in more then one mile at a time.  If it does rain, we will move inside for a circuit cardio workout instead.  Last time we did one of those it involved rows, skis, and treadmill sprints.  Although I’m sure that would still be a great workout, nothing matches getting out to run after being laid up for awhile.

One hour group workout @ 6am

Warm up 3.5 mile bike and 700m row

First set x3

  • High pulley cable chop with 13 lbs, both sides, x12
  • Kneeling pulley cable chop with 13 lbs, both sides, x12
  • Oblique pulley cable walk with 13 lbs, both sides, x10

Second set

  • TRX standing hip drop, both sides, x10
  • Reverse lunges on each side, x10

Third set x4

  • Single leg step up on box, both sides, x10
  • Power squat with tension band x10

Forth set x4

  • Squats with 75 lbs two sets and two sets with 85lbs x10
  • Military push ups x10

Fifth set x3

  • Single arm chest press with on stability ball with 15lbs both arms x10

Cool down .6 mile walk home


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