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Back in the groove

This pasted Saturday my running group met for interval work.  Our coach had us either meet at the track or you could do the two mile warm up run from the gym to the track.  This same Saturday was also the first day that I got the ok to run again (only a mile to start) from my sports chiropractor.  So since I could only do one mile, I hopped on my scooter and headed over to the track.

I started the warm up with the group; a mixture of active warm up drills that involved, high knees, butt kicks, lateral shuffles, karaoke shuffle and high leg march.  So far so good.  Oh yeah, I forget to mention that we had a great turn out as well!  So many new runners and a lot of familiar faces.  I love running with this group.  We support each other and we all share the same, crazy passion for running.  Many people asked me how I was doing, how was my leg?  I love the support I get from everyone.


I’m in the front row with the red tank top and our coach is behind me wearing RunFit shirt!

So even though I wasn’t planning on doing the interval work (too fast, too soon), I did get out and do four laps around the track to get in my one mile.  Normally I don’t like running on the track.  It is too “squishy” for my liking, but it was probably better not to be pounding the pavement too hard right off the bat.  I also decided to run in a different pair of shoes.  With the idea of not wanting to pound the pavement too hard right away, I wore my Altra zero drop 3-Sum’s (yes that it a horrible name for a shoe but it is a Tri shoe), instead of my normal Vibram Five Fingers KMD LS.  I don’t know why I switch away from my Vibram’s from time to time, but I do try to always stay with a zero drop shoe.  The Altra’s just have a bit of a stack to them (I believe 18mm) and I thought that would help to reduce the impact.

Well either way, the mile I did went well.  It was a very humid morning too so I felt sluggish but all and all my leg did ok.  I still had a pretty good pace at about 9:20.  I felt a little bit of discomfort closer to my ankle (may just need to be popped) but no real lasting pain anywhere else.  I was a little sore the rest of the day but by this morning felt fine.  I think it will just be a matter of getting back into my groove.  I don’t have any races planned until September, so I have plenty of time to ease back into it.  I may do another mile either today or tomorrow and if all goes well there then I will be back for our Tuesday evening social run to get in my first 3 miles in a long time.  Toes and fingers crossed!


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