Fitness, Running, Vegan

Regroup. Relax. Repeat.

Had another great workout this morning.  I’ve been feeling kind of lazy and quite, so I’m glad I at least got to the gym for about an hour and a half.  I basically had the whole week off because my boss was out of town.  I’ve gotten a lot of “downtime” things done, like writing here on my blog and finishing reading two books as well!  Next week will look more normal and the week after that I have a photograph class to go to for four days.  I hope to get a lot more of my photos edited and up here.  I will be learning how to edit my photos with Adobe Lightroom, so I’m pretty excited.  Guess I’m going to keep it short today to go along with my lazy day theme.

One hour group workout @ 6am

Warm up 5.5 bike

First set x3, one minute each

  • pendulum swings with 6lbs medicine ball between knees
  • oblique twist with 6lbs medicine ball
  • plank on medicine ball

Second set x4

  • standing one legged hip adduction with tension band around foot x20
  • tube walk with tension band 15 down, 15 back

Third set x4

  • squat thruster with 17.5 lbs dumbbells x10
  • body weight squat x5

Forth set x4

  • deadlift with 95lbs barbell x10
  • reverse lunge knee up on edge of planform x10 each foot
  • inverted row x10

Cool down .6 mile walk home


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