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Hardest work out EVER

Ok so this was literally the hardest workout I have ever done.  Hell it took me two days to just write a blog post about it!  Since I still didn’t have the ok to run with our group on Saturday, my trainer said I could come to his 9am group workout.  This workout was a little different then my twice a weeks I usually do.  The two I do during the week are very focused on exercises specific to running.  Saturday’s workout was more like a “boot camp” or “cross fit” type workout to me.

My heart felt like it was going to explode out my chest with the rows that we started with.  Next was pushing around probably over 200 pounds of weight and I had the wrong shoes on.  I had a really hard time with getting traction, so it took me a lot longer then everyone else to get back and forth.  And I am still feeling the push ups and bicycles today!  I actually just got back from my chiroprator because I was getting gnarly headaches over the weekend.  My neck was so tight that it took her a good 10 mins to get it back to normal.  It was such a relief afterwards though.

The best part of everything was that my leg didn’t give me any trouble and hasn’t for a good 3-4 days now.  I got the ok to start off with a one mile run this Saturday to see how I feel.  Fingers crossed that everything will feel good afterwards so that I can get back into it!  I have been trying to keep up with my cardio by cycling, but nothing beats a good run!

The one thing I do keep in the back of my mind during these workouts, is that they will probably seem like a cake walk compared to some of the days I will spend hiking on the AT.  Granted they will be a slower pace, but I will also have 30 pounds strapped to my back to deal with, as well as being out in the elements.  I am truly grateful for these workouts.  I think they will really help to keep me in shape and strong before my hike.  I can’t imagine just heading out to start the trail without any previous conditioning!  I am pretty strong and feisty so I am ready for a challenge but I would never head out without some kind of training.  As a runner, I feel like that would be the same as doing a half marathon without any training longer then a 5k before hand!  You will probably finish one way or another, but it would be a little easier if you had prepared for it!

Saturday morning, one hour group workout @ 9am

Warm up .6 mile bike to gym and 5k on stationary bike

First set x4

  • 250m row in 55sec (mine were all around 1:05)

Second set x5

  • Weight rack push down and back with 180 lbs on level 3 tension

Third set x5

  • 15 push ups
  • one minute bicycle/crunches

Forth set x5

  • 20 sec rope arm swings
  • 20 sec plank in and outs on stability ball
  • 20 sec 24kg kettle bell swing

Fifth set x3

  • 100m row sprint
  • 20 standing squats

Cool down .6 mile bicycle home



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