Appalachian Trail

All consuming

I am up late tonight; or early depending on how you want to look at it.  I am enjoying the company of one, of my two cats, as I sit here and try to clear my mind enough to fall back to sleep.

I just got done emailing my best friend.  I had recently told her about my aspirations for next year’s thru hike on the AT.  Although I wasn’t worried, I was glad to see that I had her support.  She is a pretty avid hiker herself, along with her husband (who’s blog can be found here).  I had mentioned the idea of her coming with me next year, but understood that not everyone has 5-6 months to just walk out of their life and into the mountains!  She mentioned possibly doing a section with me but would have to wait and see if work would permit her to.  Either way, her support is the better then anything!

Anyways back to why I am still awake.  I seriously can’t get the idea of this trip out of my head.  I think about it everyday.  Whether I am reading other people’s blogs, following along in a Facebook group or reading a book about it (currently I am reading Becoming Odyssa which I will have a separate post for soon), I don’t find a day that goes by that the Appalachian Trial doesn’t cross my mind.  It has become exciting and stressful and scary all at once!

This past weekend was like Christmas for me because REI was currently having it’s anniversary sale!  I was planning on pickup up a couple smaller items but wound up buying my backpack!  The guy at REI was extremely helpful with helping me try on and finding the right one.  Once I decided on the one that fit the best (the Osprey Aura 65 AG women’s fit in a medium), he loaded it up with 30 pounds of weight and had me walk around the store for a bit.  I felt like Cheryl Strayed with “Monster” on my back!   Having the weight in the pack made it feel very, very real even though I was only inside the store!  I also very quickly understood and appreciated the idea of trekking polls (which I am still learning about and trying to decide on the right ones for me).


Osprey Aura 65 AG Silver Streak

Now my pack is at home, sitting in the corner of my make shift office.  Sometimes I look at it and I am afraid of it!  It is like a beacon of what is to come.  It will be one of my most important items of gear.  It will carry my housing, food, water, and clothing over the mountains and through the woods for months on end.  If it doesn’t work with my body I won’t be able to work with the trail.  It is connected to me and I am dependent on it.  Ok maybe that’s a little too deep, but you get what I mean!  In the next 10 months I will load it up and take it out for many trial runs.  I hope that we will become good partners before this shit gets really real!

Well I think I have finally exhausted my mind enough to go back to sleep.  I will have some more gear updates, book suggestions and other ideas that have been swirling around in my head posted soon.  Here a few of the many other things swirling around in my head.

  • how much money will I actually need on the trail; cash or plastic or both?
  • buy a brand name footprint or make one that could be just as good and lighter?
  • how many miles will I need to do a day?
  • how often will I have cell phone service?
  • how much food do I carry and how often do I send a resupply box?

5 thoughts on “All consuming

  1. I know that feeling when you just can’t stop thinking about hiking the AT. It consumes me and drowns out everything else. I have other hikes planned but nothing compares to a thru hike of that magnitude. It does get a little better with time, but it is still what I like to talk or read about the most.

    I took advantage of the sale at REI as well. I only bought one gear item, the deuce, and the rest was clothing. I love the pack you picked out. So many people swear by the Osprey packs and you see them everywhere. Plus REI is so great if it doesn’t work out for you, you can return it. My first pack was a Deuter and I HATED it!!! It killed my back, but I was lucky enough that I got it at REI and could return it.

    I am taking my first solo hiking trip this weekend.I’ll blog it so you can read all about it.

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    • Oh I didn’t even think to look for the Deuce there! Very important piece of gear too! LOL I tried on the Deuter too and instantly hated it! Pulled on my shoulders no matter how the guy adjusted it. Totally looking forward to reading your blog! I can’t wait to get out and do some local hikes and overnights with and without my husband! Is it weird that I actually feel like I will be safer out on the AT alone then here in my own state?!

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      • I’m pulling a you tonight or rather this morning. It’s 2:45am and I can’t sleep… so what am I thinking about…HIKING!!! I’m a little worried about my solo hike…just the being alone at night. It will be my first time. I will be in GA far from home with no cell reception for 3 days. Please say a prayer for me.

        I think I would definitely feel safer on the AT. It is so populated. But truthfully I have never met anyone on any of the trails I had hiked that have made me feel uncomfortable. I think that is my main concern though… people not animals.

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      • I agree with you. Everyday society makes us have a lot of fears that are probably unnecessary. The news only talks about bad things that happen. We are taught our whole lives to stay away from “stranger danger”. So when it is time to be on our own, in the presents of strangers, it gets scary. I’m sure at one point in time those strangers had the same fears. It is good to have good common sense but it is no way of life to be afraid of everything all the time. I can’t wait to hear about your hike!

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