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Tuesday morning burn

It’s Tuesday, so it was time for an early morning workout.  I managed to get to the gym yesterday as well.  I walked the .6 mile over and met my friend Aubrey.  She and I did 40 mins on the stationary bike and then I did a 2000m row to finish off before walking back home.  Today was a bit more strenuous!  I did another long row while my trainer tweaked my form.  I also did a 180 pound leg press set that was pretty awesome!  I love it when I feel like Shee-ra after my workout!

This morning I ran into a friend I met through our running group.  She does a lot of long distance running that requires her to carry water and supplies with her.  She had read my blog about hiking the Appalachian Trail (AT) and was excited for me.  She even offered her pack weights for me to use to train with.  I need to be able to work up to carrying around 30 pounds, so borrowing her weights will be a great help!  It was nice to have another friends support and excitement!

Tonight is our social run.  I am still bike bound, but did find out that I do NOT have a stress fracture!  My chiropractor still doesn’t want me to run and she thinks I just had a gnarly shin splint of some sort.  So active rest and no running is my current prescription.  I am glad to know that it was’t anything serious and that in time I will be as good as new.

One hour, one on one workout @6am

Warm up 4.5 mile bike and 1000m row

First set 20 sec each, 1 minute rest x4

  • Hypers on stability ball
  • Birddogs on stability ball
  • Crunches on stability ball (first 2 sets, last 2 sets bicycle crunch)

Second set x4

  • 12kg kettle bell cling 5 each side
  • 12kg kettle bell swing x10 (first set both arms, last 3 sets single arm)

Third set x4

  • leg press with 180 lbs. down 3 slow, up one x8
  • bench press (2 sets 55lbs, 2 sets 60 lbs)
  • shoulder press sitting on stability ball with 10 lbs dumbbells x10

Cool down .6 mile walk home


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