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First official post: AT 2017

I’ve had a couple posts in the past weeks that have mentioned my idea of doing a thru hike of the Appalachian Trail starting next spring.  But I think I am ready to start officially posting about my journey here.  With it being a little under 11 months away, there will not be a lot of talk of actual hiking right now, but more so talk of gear and emotions that go into planning such an epic pilgrimage.

I don’t even really know where to start with talking about everything.  I feel like  I have been thinking about this hike everyday; if not every waking minute of everyday.  Everything from gear reviews, to reading other blogs I follow, to talking with my husband, and thinking about how my pets will react to my absents, to trying to find away to win over my parents support and the list of thoughts goes on and on.  Even though there is a lot of time still before I start my journey, I feel like blogging about all the above mentioned things, and then some, will help me to clear my mind and also to have a log of ideas and information to look back on.

Just this past weekend my husband and I have (again) watched Wild, A Walk in the Woods and even Into the Wild.  We visited REI to do some window shopping and have talked many times about how much he (and our two cats) will miss me.  Talks of bears, bugs, female urination devices, trail angels, trail magic, being vegan and what kind of shoes I will wear have been some other hot topics as well.  My mind is just spinning everyday.  So much to think about and plan.  I have a feeling the next 11 months will go by faster then I think!

I went over to the gym today and met up with my friend.  I had mentioned the hike to her before and then again today.  She is a little worried for me but excited to hear more about it.  I asked her to be in charge of mailing my supply boxes and she happily accepted the job!  She said her husband was excited for me too!  I’m glad to have her support.  My husband will have his hands full with holding down the fort while I’m gone so this will also be a big help to him.

I’m just so excited and scared all at once!  It’s actually a little stressful to have all those feelings going back and forth in my head.  My husband and I even brought it up in our last therapy session and our therapist was totally on board with the idea.  She was excited for me and thought it would be something great for me to experience.

I’m not exactly sure how I want to structure my posts yet, so bare with me.  But I think at the end of each post I may list some of the topics I researched or thought about each day.  I am even debating on having a separate blog just for my hike…..  I’ll keep everyone posted if I do!

Thoughts for today:

  • My tent is on sale for a great price.  Do I buy it?  If I do, I will be even more committed!  Scary!
  • If I make it to Maine, how will I get home?  Looked into travel between Mount Katahdin and the airport.  Maybe my husband can fly in and pick me up to go back to Austin together?
  • How do I know what size pack to buy?  Do you buy the gear first and find a pack to fit it or the other way around?
  • I have a lot of hiking apparel here already but how much do you carry with you when you hike?  Do you send things home as the season change or keep them with you just in case?
  • Sports bras or like hybrid bras without an under wire?  What kind of underwear?  How many of each?

4 thoughts on “First official post: AT 2017

  1. Awesome!!
    1) REI is not the only place for gear – lots of smaller “cottage” companies make lighter weight gear (usually made in the USA) for roughly the same prices (sometimes less – Big Agnes can get pricey)
    2) You really only need two sets of clothes: one set to hike in, and one set you keep dry to sleep in (some carry more, but it’s more weight)
    3) Consider the weight and function of every item you intend to carry. Everyone has their own style and system, but a lighter pack makes for easier (and therefore more enjoyable) hiking

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