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A couple months ago I mentioned in a different blog post that we had successfully downsized to only having one car.  And we still could not be happier with that decision.  We spend less on gas, less on insurance (but not as much as you would think because we did loose our multi driver discount), and it’s just nice only having one car to worry about in general.  I have been walking and riding my bike to most places that I need to get to.  My work is only a couple blocks away and my gym is about a half mile away.  If for some reason I need to go farther away, I just take my husband to work in the morning and pick him up later.

My husband has been on board with the whole one car idea (obviously since we traded in both our cars to get the one we currently have), but he worries about me only having a bike to get around on.  To the gym or to work it’s no big deal, but if I want to go to any classes in the future (like my photography one’s) or I have a doctor’s appointment that is just a little to far to peddle too he wanted me to not have to take him to work all the time.  Or there are days that he just needs the car in order to make it to appointments that he may have after work.

So lets go back in time about 6 years ago.  The time when I had transportation on two wheels!  Yes, I used to own and ride a motorcycle.  It was a Kawasaki KLX250SF dual sport.  It was my first and only motorcycle.  I took the safety class and got my license to ride!

Kawasaki KLX 250SF 09

But because of some unfortunate circumstances in my life, I had to sell it.  And ever since then I have been waiting for the day that I would be on two wheels again.  Now my husband was not too keen on the idea of me having a motorcycle.  He had just met me when I had my last one, and was glad the day I sold it.  (He doesn’t hate motorcycles, he was just worried for my safety.)  And every time I bought up the idea of buying another one, he was not too happy about it and the topic would be dropped for awhile.

Now back to current time; as you can see this was the perfect time to bring up the idea of having two wheels again.  It would be something that I could get a farther range on and would still be more environmentally friendly then buying a second car (plus I am really against having a second car.  I want to go at least a year with only one, if not longer).  He still didn’t like the idea of a motorcycle, but for some reason was ok with the thought of a scooter (go figure).

So let me introduce you to our newest two wheel purchase!


This is my 2016 Genuine Buddy 125 scooter, and yes she is lavender!  I named her Mariposa, which means butterfly and she is pretty awesome.  Since she is a 125cc scooter, you do require a motorcycle license in the state of Texas to ride on the streets.  Good thing I have had mine since 2009!  I was told by the dealer that I am the first person in Austin to own the new color, but overall Buddy’s are very common and reliable scooters.  They are made in the USA and carry the best warranty on the market, 2 years with road side assistance!  She has a top speed of 59mph but the dealer said since I was so light (120 pounds), I could probably get up to 65mph.

I have to admit I was a little nervous when I first took a test drive on one at Urban Motorsports.  You would think it would have been easier for me to drive because it shifts automatically; not like a motorcycle that has a clutch.  It was hard to wrap my brain around not having to clutch. Instead you just having to pull back on the throttle and go!  But after a few spins around our neighborhood, it felt like second nature again.  Now I have a little more freedom to go to places that are a little farther away.  And so far, it has only cost me $1.08 to fill up her tank!  She will get around 90 miles to the gallon once she is broken in (after about the first 200-500 miles).

I would highly recommend getting a scooter, especially a Buddy 125, if you are in need of a second vehicle to just get around town on.  But just be safe!  A lot of states require that you take a motorcycle safely class to even get your licenses and always wear a helmet.  I have a full face helmet from when I rode my motorcycle.  Even though the 3/4 face helmets “look” more like scooter helmets, I would recommend a full face.  I used to work at a motorcycle dealership and we called 3/4 helmets “jaw breakers”.  And that was strictly because if you were to get into a wreck, there would be nothing covering the front of your face and you can piece the rest of it together from that.  I also wear a armored jacket and gloves when I go on longer trips.  For both the helmet and jacket I would recommend anything from Joe Rocket.  They have awesome gear.

Examples of full face vs 3/4 helmets.

The helmet on the left is the exact one I wear!

And no matter if you are on a motorcycle or a scooter, be safe out there and to all the 4 wheels vehicles remember to “share the road”!


3 thoughts on “Mariposa

  1. Trent says:

    I’m a new reader, Hi! Austin streets can be dangerous just because of the amount of traffic. But you can’t beat how easy it is to park! When I had my bike I could find a spot on any street at any time when I took it downtown. Totally worth the risk in my opinion. Great blog btw!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Trent. Yeah the busier streets can be scary. I don’t plan on getting on any roads that are over 50mph just to be on the safe side. But you’re right, it’s worth the risk because I have always loved being on two wheels!


  2. WOW! We do have a lot in common. I have my motorcycle license and use to ride a Honda ACE 750. I no longer have the big or ride. I sure did love the wind and freedom.

    Liked by 1 person

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