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Thursday morning pull

Our last group work out was pretty tough and today was no different.  It started off fairly normal but we finished up with a circuit of various pulls!  My arms were super tired and my hands felt like they were getting a workout of their own!   As hard as these workout seem at the time, I am always glad that I did them.  Our trainer gives us a lot of sets to do that I would normally never think to do myself.  It’s always a good push.

The last couple of mornings I have been warming up, on my own, on the stationary bike.  I do anywhere between 3-6 miles depending on how much time I have.  I build up a good sweat too!  I’m thinking about coming in on my off days to just ride the bike for about an hour or so.  I want to make sure I keep my cardio up, since I haven’t been able to run.  I did go for my X-ray yesterday, but don’t have the results yet.  My chiropractor took a look at them, and she couldn’t see anything, but she explained to me that stress fractures can be very hard to see without a trained eye.  Fingers cross that it is nothing bad, but biking maybe the new running for the time being.

There are also some other machines at the gym I would like to try out.  We have a stepper and a couple different ones that look like they mimic running, just without the impact that you would get on a treadmill.  I go pretty early in the morning so most of these machines are open.  I just get a little intimidated by them.  I’m always worried someone is watching me and if I do them wrong, they will think I’m nuts.  I’ve gotten better about not giving a rats booty about what others think, but I also want to make sure I am using them safely.

I just want to get back to working out at least 5 days a week.  Without the Run Club or Saturday morning runs, I am only working out 2-3 days a week.  I would also like to somehow get yoga back into the mix, but the class I like to go to is at the same time as this group workout I have been writing about. Decisions, decisions!

One hour group work out @ 6am

Warm up 10k on bike and 800m ski

First set x4

  • bosu ball ab toss with 6 lbs medicine ball x15
  • wood chop with 6 lbs medicine ball, each side x15

Second set x4

  • dumbbell snatch with 22.5 weight, each arm, x5
  • resistance squat with medium band x10

Third set was a circuit x4

  • deadlift on machine with 100 lbs x10
  • pull ups with 55 lbs helper x10
  • standing single arm rows with 35 lbs on machine, alternating x20
  • bicep curls with 20 lbs on machine, alternating x20

Cool down 500m power row and .6 mile walk home


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