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Tuesday with an upper body focus

New week, new work out!  Today our coach had us focus on mainly upper body and core since a couple of us had run a race this past weekend.  I was glad for the mix up and the push!  This was a harder then usually work out in my opinion.  I could really feel the focus on the arms, especially the triceps work at the end.  And the dumbbell chest presses were crazy hard at 20 lbs on each arm, but it felt awesome to push through them.  All and all a great set!

Tonight is our social run with the Run Club.  I’ll be coming to help out, but I’ll be on two wheels.  My chiropractor had to throw in the towel and decided to send me for an X-ray.  She is pretty confident that it is NOT a fracture, but she just wants to be able to rule it out 100% since it has been so long since the original injury (6 weeks).  After that, she will be able to know how to go forward with treatment.  In the mean time, this mean absolutely NO running.  I am actually fine with that.  I don’t have any other races that I am signed up for so now I have nothing but time to let it heal (whatever it is).

1 hour group work out @6am

Warm up 15 min bike and 1000m row

First set x3

  • reverse wood chop with 6kg tube x10, x12, x15
  • standing trunk twist with cable set at 17.5 lbs x10, x12 x15

Second set x4

  • tube walk, medium resistance band, 20 down, 20 back
  • knee tucks on stability ball x20

Third set x4

  • pushups timed, 20sec, 25sec, 30sec
  • 6lbs medicine ball trunk twist, 20sec, 25sec, 30sec

Forth set x4

  • 20lbs dumbbells chest press on stability ball x 10
  • glute bridge on stability ball x20

Fifth set x4

  • squats with 30lbs dumbbell x20
  • triceps push downs with 12.5 lbs x15

Cool down .6 mile walk home


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