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What are you afraid of?

I am currently reading a book called:  “The Art of Non-Conformity…” by Chris Guillebeau.  I first learned about Chris and his publications by watching a pod cast that he was appearing on with another favorite author of mine, Gretchen Rubin.  After watching this, I went on Amazon and purchased The Art of Non-Conformity along with his other book, “The Happiness of Pursuit…..“.  I chose to read the non-comfority book first simply because it was published first in 2010 and the other followed in 2014.

Currently I am though the first three chapters.  And so far his book has tied in with something else that I have had a lot of interest in lately.  Actually one of my blogs earlier in the week was about just that; hiking the Appalachian Trail next year.

When you are thinking about doing something so bold a lot of fears come to mind.  Well Chris talked all about that in chapter 3.  He basically explains that fear is a very common thing and that it would almost be crazy not to have fear when you are planning on doing something in your life that involves coloring outside the lines.  But it is what you do with that fear that can shape your life.  He gives examples of people who chose to face their fears and move forward; as well as people who chose to let the fear consume them.  He suggests, that in order to not let your fears keep you from doing what you love, that you should start first by addressing them.  And the first step is to write them down.

So that is what I am going to do right here in this blog post.  I am going to list the fears that come to mind when thinking about hiking the AT.  This is the very first, infantile step, to committing to something so large.

Fears that come to mind currently:

  • leaving my husband and cats for 5-6 months
  • what will my friends and family think
  • will my mom sleep at all in the time that I am gone
  • can I do this as a vegan
  • can my husband take care of our finances while I’m gone
  • what do I do when I get my period
  • what about the bugs along the trail
  • who will I be after the hike
  • what if I can’t finish it

I’m sure there are more, but these are the things that first came to mind.  If I commit to this I have about a year to plan for it.  Registration (although not required but defiantly recommend) opens in January for the “class of 2017” hike.  Hopefully the more I read Chris’s book (along with his other book), the better of an idea I will have to make a choice (although if I were sitting face to face with him, he would probably tell me to just do it).



3 thoughts on “What are you afraid of?

    • So far the one is really good. It is a little “career based” if that makes sense, but you could apply what he talks about to anything in your life! Enjoy!


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