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90 Day Challenge 5k

So this morning my gym was wrapping up the end of the current 90 Day Challenge.  Although I didn’t participate in this challenge, my running coach hosts the 5k that goes a long with it.  And whenever he runs, he wants me to run too.  So I came this morning after not having run in about a week.  My leg was feeling better so I thought I’d see what I could do.

I knew that the group we would have would not consist of “fast” runners so I actually wound up leading it; while my coach rode his bike back and forth through the end of the line.  In fact I only had one other person with me and he could have out run me but didn’t know the route, so he stayed with me and we chatted pretty much the whole time.


The temperature this morning was perfect for a run.  It was in the 50s and dry; with the sun just starting to come up.  When I finished I stood around and talked with my running partner for a couple minutes and then I headed back out to see if I could see the others.  They all finished between 10-20 mins after I did, but it was still a really great group of people who all tried really hard.  Some had never run before and some improved their PR by 15mins!  Even though I am usually at the back of the pack with my normal group, it was kind of fun to finish first and then cheer on the others!  Because any run, is better then, no run at all!

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 1.50.52 PM


5k (3.1miles) 55 degrees @ 6am

  • Overall time 29:32
  • Average pace 9:32
  • Splits 9:48, 9:18, 9:24, :45
  • Average cadence 178

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