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Getting buffererererererer: Day 7

Went and did my last workout for the month of April this morning.  (I can’t believe we are already going into May!  Where is the time going?)  I was feeling a little groggy this morning because I took half of a sleeping pill last night.  I hadn’t slept good the last few evenings; couldn’t shut my brain down.  So to make sure I got some good sleep I took half of one of my husband’s sleeping pills.  They are just over the counter pills but they are strong!  Even taking just half knocks me out!  So I did get a good nights sleep but I needed a little jump start in the AM.

We had a good workout.  My coach had to modify a couple of our exercise for me so that I would have both feet planted firmly on the ground.  I still can’t do anything where one leg is being strained.  My leg hurt when I got up this morning but started to feel a little better as I got moving around.

This mornings workout felt good but I feel like it was lower key then Tuesday’s.  Got some good deadlifts in at the end.  I have also been able to increase my barbell snatch weight more.  I can defiantly tell that I have gotten a lot of my strength back.  I am looking forward to getting even stronger in the months to come.

One hour group workout @ 6am

Warm up

  • 1000m row

First set x3

  • plank knee tuck on stability ball x15
  • bird dog on stability ball x20
  • plank roll outs on stability ball x15

Second set x4

  • wall ball squat with 6lbs ball x15
  • squat with single arm snatch with 20lbs dumbbell, 5 on each side

Third set x3

  • squat with single arm snatch with 22.5lbs dumbbell, 5 on each side
  • power squats x10

Forth set x3

  • 1 set of deadlifts with 105lbs barbel x5; and 2 sets with 125 barbell x3
  • bent over row with 45lbs barbell x10

Cool down .6 mile walk home


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