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Wednesday weigh in #4

Well this morning was the last Wednesday of the month.  It was the fourth weigh in and over all, not much has changed.  I have maintained the same weight and body fat percentage pretty much all month .  Not too sure if a month was enough time to really see a change or not?  Or maybe my body is just where it is supposed to be?  Either way, I feel great and strong.  My arms and legs look more toned too.  (I really wish I would have taken a before and after picture; maybe next month.)

I do plan on signing up for another month of strength training since my running is going to be put on hold until I recover from my current injury.  With each workout I feel accomplished and even though I am not looking to be some crazy vegan body builder, I am excited to be summer time, bikini ready.  Now I just need to work on my tan…..

Forth weigh in 4-27-16 @ 7:27am

  • 120.3 @ 22.3% body fat



7 thoughts on “Wednesday weigh in #4

      • Christine's Fat 2 Fit Journey! says:

        oh ok…I know at some gyms the have this thing that pinches your fat but can’t recall what it is. I will have to ask when I go there tomorrow


      • Yeah this actually sends a small electrical current through your body to measure mass vs liquid. We have a really fancy one at my gym but I haven’t used it. Should probably compact the two to see how close they are.

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      • Christine's Journey To Weight-Loss! says:

        When I was working out it wasn’t no electrical current going threw my body to do the measure..I can’t remember what it was.


      • Christine's Journey To Weight-Loss! says:

        Well at the gym I went at the time didn’t have it. But they may have it now.


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