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Tuesday night social run

Well my run group met tonight for our weekly social run.  I haven’t run with them since the end of March because of an injury.  So it was good to get to see everyone again!  Unfortunately along with seeing all my running buddies I also had an encounter with my old injury!

I went to see my chiropractor on Monday and she gave me the ok to try and run again.  I had been feeling better for about a good 4 days in a row, so we thought I was out of the woods.  Apparently I was just in a clearing and now I have found myself wandering through the dark forrest again.  Within a half mile of getting started my leg started to hurt in the same place and in exactly the same way.  Other then that, I felt good and started off with a good pace, so of course I tried to keep going.  Another guy in our group hadn’t been running in about 3-4 weeks, so he was having a hard time keeping up.  When I got to a point that I could start to head back to the gym, he offered to come with me but said that he would probably need to walk a little too.  I told him to just say the word and we could slow up until he caught his breath.  After about 1.25 miles he needed to walk.  We walked until he got to a place on our route that he was familiar with and then he told me if I wanted to keep going I could and that he would catch up later.

So I finished up the last mile a little slower then the first.  It was still early, and I had rode my bike to the gym, so I decided to ride over and find the rest of the group.  I caught up with two other runners and then my coach.  We had one straggler, so he asked me to ride a long side of her until we all made it back.  Riding my bike felt fine as long as I didn’t need to go up hill.  So I paced her all the way back and then admitted to my defeat.

I have a 10k race in about a week and a half, but I don’t know if I am going to be able to run it.  I made another appointment to see my chiropractor this Friday and we will just have to go from there.  My main concern now is that she will want an X-ray.  I really hope that there is nothing too wrong, that a little more rest and PT won’t help.

2.5 miles 82 degrees @ 6pm

  • Over all time 27:07
  • Average pace 10:49
  • Splits 9:22, 12:19, 5:11
  • Average cadence 168

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