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Happy Earth Day, everyday

WARNING!  So I am climbing up on my soapbox today.  I always try to be as upbeat and positive as I can with most of my blog posts.  I feel like my blog is my creative way to express myself and the things that are truly important to me.  Being vegan, (there I said it and I managed to get to the 4th sentence before mentioning it) I feel like I try to be as in tune as possible with animals, my health and our environment.  A lot of my post convey this.  But this post may seem a little “in your face” but that is only because I am super passionate about the topic.  I am by know means against things like Earth Day but I don’t like it when people are hypocrites and/or oblivious to things around them.  And I think a lot of the issues stem from people not being informed or choosing to keep their heads in the sand because “it’s too hard to change”.  Change is hard; but like a lot of things in life it can be necessary.  And right now it is very necessary for the generations to come, so that they will have an Earth to celebrate.

Celebrating Earth Day is like throwing money at cancer; neither one are fixing the real issues.  Sorry for starting off so cynically.  Don’t get me wrong, the Earth should be celebrated, but that should be a daily occurrence, not an American made holiday for environmental agency to make money off of.  I think the right idea was in mind when Earth Day was founded in 1970.  And it has gained millions of followers world wide; but what are we really doing to make our environment better for every living creature?

According to

“Earth Day is more than just a single day — April 22, 2016. It’s bigger than attending a rally and taking a stand.

This Earth Day and beyond, let’s make big stuff happen. Let’s plant 7.8 billion trees for the Earth. Let’s divest from fossil fuels and make cities 100% renewable.”

Planting trees is a great idea, but instead of planting them and having to wait 5-20+ years for them to mature, why not stop cutting them down in the first place?  We are loosing the equivalent of one football field a second in the rainforest do to deforestation to make room for more livestock.  More livestock?  Really?  Since when is eating meat more important then preserving the lungs of our planet?  Let’s explore other ways agriculture/livestock is killing our planet:


The most interesting part in all this, is when you go to pages like and other environmental agency’s pages, there is no mention of the impact that agriculture has on our planet.  This is also not something that is generally taught in schools.  And don’t even get me started on the government approved food pyramid.  And look at the efforts the USDA is claiming it’s making in honor of Earth Day:

“WASHINGTON, April 19, 2016 – This week, representatives from USDA’s Rural Development team will be celebrating Earth Day by visiting newly funded projects that will improve rural water quality and safety in 33 states across the country. USDA is investing $183 million in 60 water and wastewater infrastructure projects through Rural Development’s Water and Environmental Program (WEP), which provides technical assistance and financing to develop drinking water and waste disposal systems for communities with fewer than 10,000 residents.”

Instead of trying to throw more money at the issue why not get to the true source of the problem?  Keep the water supply clean and more readily available from the start.  Animal agriculture wastes and contaminates more water then anything else.  Millions and millions of gallons of water are used to produce crops to feed animals, and to water them and then to clean up after slaughtering them.  All that water is put in bloody, waste filled, retention ponds behind farms and slaughter houses.  That water then seeps into the ground and eventually into the water supply, thus contaminating our rivers and lakes and just like the old saying goes “all rivers flows to the sea”.  It’s a domino effect by then.

So much is harmed and wasted just so we can eat meat, poultry and fish.  The land, air, water, animals and our own health are effected by the consumption of animal products.

  • We are killing the very lungs of our planet with deforestation happening at an alarming rate daily.
  • The amount of methane (produced from animal “farts” and “poops” to dumb it down) in the air has sky rocketed and causes more air pollution then all of our transportation needs lumped together.
  • We are inhumanly torturing millions of innocent beings everyday for our greedy wants.  (These are not “needs” because we can live healthy, sustainable lives without animal products.)
  • We have hungry people, in poor nations all over the globe.  Yet we produce enough food to feed the planet just from the amount of food we grow and use to feed livestock.
  • Diseases like diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular issues are sky rocketing because we are consuming more and more animal products then ever before and we have become more sedentary then ever as well.  Red meat and dairy have been found to contain carcinogens that cause inflammation all over the body and make it harder for us to ward off these diseases.  And to go along with that, we are trying to fight them by throwing pills at them and “walking for causes”, but very few in the medical field are trained in the 7 years of schooling about the benefits of good nutrition through a whole foods, plant based lifestyle.

This list could go on and on…..

But why not play a huge part in alleviating the issue?  Make a change in your day to day life that will have a bigger impact.  Bigger then driving a Prius.  Bigger then recycling.  Bigger then low flow faucets and twisty light bulbs.  Go vegan.  Go vegan for your personal health.  Go vegan for the voiceless animals that are killed in horrific ways every day.  Go vegan for the environment; for the water, air and land.  Go vegan for the generations to come.  We cannot continue to live the way that we do.  We will not be able to sustain, especially with the rise in global population.  Please take the time to educate yourselves.  The information is out there.  Demand it, watch it, read about it and learn from it and then pass it along.


I went vegan a little over 3 years ago and I would never go back.  I don’t think that makes me better then everyone else but I am proud that I took the time to educate myself.  There are so many things that we do everyday, year after year, that we don’t really think about the repercussion of.  Instead we follow the masses.  Grandma and grandpa did it this way for years so that is the way we will teach our children to do it.  Just because we don’t know any different doesn’t make it right.  Stand up and stand out.  Empower yourself and your family and friends and together we can make a movement like, Earth Day, become something that everyone and everything on this planet can truly celebrate.  (Rant over, thank you.)


6 thoughts on “Happy Earth Day, everyday

  1. I re-blogged your post. Loved your rant. You said all the things I would have if I’d remembered that it was Earth Day. I just completely forgot. I am going to walk around my neighborhood where I usually walk tomorrow morning and pick up all the trash people throw out their windows as they drive down the street. To tell you the truth, I think we as humans are in the process of reaping what we’ve sown. Unfortunately that will also include those of us who are working towards “good”. Thanks for your rant! 🙂

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  2. Christine's Fat 2 Fit Journey! says:

    Love it…but hate to say it but I love my meat. Love eggs, once in blue moon red meat. Not rubbing it in at anyone faces but you know, haven been thinking of slowly cutting back on my meats. I know it is sad how the animals are treated before their lives end. I saw were a farm company kick the crap out of the cow wile its head was in the feeding bins. Also a cow being dragged alive be hind a tractor. What the hell, I know cows are not smart and people my think that they don’t have feelings or feel anything. The poor caves that is different story but won’t get in to that.

    I think maybe I will start to slowly pulling away from meat. If you have any great recipes let me know…I LOVE GARDEN burgers….


    • It is horrible how the animals are treated and you would be surprised at how intelligent some of them really are. If you want more info on how to start gradually I would 110% recommend watching Forks Over Knives on Netflix. It was jaw dropping for me the first time I watched it (and I was still eating meat then). Then I would watch Cowspiracy. Neither of these include very graphic things, they talk more about the health and environmental aspects of eating an animal based diet. Let me know what you think if you watch them!


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