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Geting bufferererer: Day 5

I got back on track this morning after missing Tuesday’s workout.  I did kick it into a higher gear yesterday at barbell, but I really feel like I get the most out of my small group workout.  And today was really small because it was just me!  With that being said, I got in an extra 15mins on my workout and my trainer geared everything towards me and learning new techniques and lifting more weight then I have in a long while.

Wound up being a really great workout.  Learning that even though my upper body is fairly toned and fit, it is still weaker then other parts of me.  The knee tucks I did felt harder then normal and not because I was weaker in my core but because my arms didn’t want to hold me up for that long.  So we focused on upper body for a lot of the workout today.

Strength training is so important for runners even though there seems to be a disconnect between the two.   My trainer is very eager to get me runner faster.  It is going to be crazy once I get the ok to run again!  I think he has some plans for me that I’m not even aware of yet! Yikes!

One hour 15min, one on one workout @ 6am

Warm up

  • 450m row

First set

  • 500m power row 2:18min

Second set x4

  • TRX Prone knee tucks x12
  • 16kg Kettle bell squat w/ hold 10 sec

Third Set x4

  • TRX Prone Oblique tucks x10
  • one arm kettle bell clean with 12kg bell, 3 on each side

Forth set

  • Deadlift 105lbs x5
  • Deadlift 125lbs x3
  • Deadlift 130lbs x2

Fifth set x4

  • Bent over row with 55lbs barbell x8
  • Bent over kettle bell row with 12kg bell, 8 on each side

Cool down .6 mile walk home



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